10 Delicious Mint Rice Recipes You Should Try

Mint is known as Mint in India and used to flavor Rice, Indian curries, and chutney. Mint rice recipes are very easy to make and to have an excellent taste. Mint keeps us healthy by fighting with indigestion, aches and pains, oral infections, cough and cold, asthma, allergies, depression and gives acne fee glowing skin. There are some Mint Rice recipes which give a good taste and unique experience. Mint rice recipes are easy to make and can be served at any time of the day. Any Mint rice recipe can give an individual taste. There are many types of making Mint rice by using different varieties of ingredients that people never get bored with trying it many times. The Mint rice dish only needs a little sense of ingredients and willingness to do something different and you have done. All the renowned recipes are mentioned below.

Check Them And Find An Impressive On To Try Today At The Dinner:

1. Paneer With Mint Rice

It is an easy and fast recipe for the people who love to eat paneer. This recipe is a mixture of three different flavors, mint, lemon, and pioneer. It is a delicious dish, which is full of different flavor. The flavor of all three ingredients is not overpowered each other taste, but if anybody does not like any particular taste, then they can use that ingredient in a small quantity.

Paneer with Mint Rice

2. Mint Pulao With Baby Corn

Mint Pulao with Baby Corn is a less spicy and light dish which is flavored with cashew paste and minced fresh mint. Mint Pulao with Baby corn tastes best with chicken curry, paneer masala, paneer makhani and spicy egg curry. It is a light dish, so anyone can make it two or three times in a week. The taste of Mint Pulao with Baby corn can be enhanced by using different vegetables or meat.

Mint Pulao With Baby Corn

3. Spicy Mint Pulao

Spicy Mint Pulao is an addicting dish. It is again an easy and quick making dish. In Spicy mint pulao, the combination of mint with chilies and peanuts gives a refreshing flavor which is just awesome. It is a great dish for vegetarian people and needs a little time to cook. People can make it in the pressure cooker or deep-dish pan without any hassle.

Spicy Mint Pulao

4. Mushrooms With Mint Rice

It is a mouthwatering dish for the mushroom lovers. Mushrooms are used as a roasted form in the dish and give a unique flavor which enhances the taste buds.

Mushrooms With Mint Rice

5. Three Leaves Pulao

This dish uses three leaves. They are Coriander leaves, Mint leaves, and Curry leaves. The combination of all three leaves gives a nice flavor. Kids generally do not like curry leaves, and this recipe is a good way to make them eat curry leaves. All three leaves have many health benefits. That is also a perfect recipe for bachelors too.

Three Leaves Pulao

6. Peppery Mint Rice

Peppery Mint Rice is an excellent and lip-smacking Mint Rice recipe that is easy to cook. Peppery Mint Rice is an ideal dish to serve guests. It took hardly 20 minutes to prepare and very impressive.

Peppery Mint Rice

7. Chicken, Cashew And Mint Rice

Chicken, Cashew, and Mint Rice is an ideal dish for Non-Vegetarians people. It is delicious as well as a healthy dish which is full of proteins and vitamins. Chicken, Cashew, and Mint Rice use chicken, which is cooked in cashew paste and then mix well with cooked rice.

Chicken, Cashew And Mint Rice

8. Capsicum Mint Pepper Rice

Capsicum Mint Pepper Rice is good for the people who love to eat spicy food. Capsicum gives a unique flavor to the dish and combination with mint leaves gives a pleasant aroma. The color of the dish is so appealing and enjoyable due to the use of green chilies. This recipe uses green chilies instead of red chili powder. This meal is good for growing children and perfect if serve with curd.

Capsicum Mint Pepper Rice

9. Mint Pulao with Coconut Milk

Mint Pulao with Coconut Milk is a nutritious and healthy dish which has a healthy coconut milk and the flavor of mint. It is a good meal for the growing kids as it has many nutritious ingredients and quite easy to make. Mint Pulao with Coconut Milk is quite an easy dish to cook and perfect when served pickle or boondie raita.

10. Barnyard Millet Mint Rice

Millet has many nutritious elements, and it is good for all age people, in particular for the senior citizens. The combination of Millet with mint gives a unique flavor to the dish. People can use this recipe as a breakfast too, as it contains many nutritional elements and cook within minutes.

Barnyard Millet Mint Rice

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