3 Child-Friendly Jam Recipes Without Artificial Preservatives

School vacations are around the corner and with that, cheerful summer activities will start. The ever hungry kids want different variations from the usual fare offered to them. The picky ones are hard to please. You can make these tasty n colorful jams for them to eat their breads n rotis with. The best part of making your own jam is that you can control the amount of sugar in it. It also doesn’t have artificial preservative known as pectin that is known to be harmful to the organs over a period of time. It uses natural pectin that is easily accepted by the body. So this summer, try something healthy and fun for your champions.. All the recipes yield about medium sized bowl full of jam. (approx 50g)

1. Apple Cinnamon Jam:


Fresh organic apples: 2 large

Sugar: 1 cup

Honey: 2 tbsp

Cinnamon stick: 1 small

Ginger: a pinch

Lemon : 1 small


Peel the apples and hull the center to remove seeds and fiber.Now cut them in small pieces and blend them in a mixer with a bit of warm water and a pinch of shredded ginger. Put this mixture in a heavy bottom pan and then add sugar, honey and cinnamon stick to the pulp n mix well. Turn on the gas and cook this pulp on medium heat. Keep on stirring at regular intervals.

When big bubbles start to form, the sugar is starting to get caramelized. keep stirring as the mixture will thicken now. Lower the heat if its bubbling too much. When the jam reaches the crystallized jelly consistency, switch off the gas and  let it cool. Once it gets cooled, squeeze the juice of the whole lemon on the mixture n then transfer it in sterilized glass jar and have it in a week.

Apple Cinnamon Jam

2. Orange Saffron Jam:


Oranges: 2 big

Sweet lime juice: half a cup

Sugar: 2 cups (or as needed)

Cardamom powder: A pinch

Saffron strings: 4-5

Lemon: 1 small


Peel the oranges and then remove the seeds and skin of each cloves. put it in a blender and blend it with sweet lime juice and cardamom powder. It doesn’t matter if fell pieces remain pulpy. It gives this jam, a unique texture. Transfer the mixture in a heavy bottomed pan and add sugar to it and let the mixture be caramelized like before. once cooled, add the saffron strings and squeeze the lemon juice into the mixture. Dont forget to transfer it in a sterilized glass jar n use it in a week.

Orange Saffron Jam

3. Beetroot And Carrot Jam:


Beetroot : 1 big

Orange Carrot: 1 big

Ginger shreds: 1 tsp

Sugar: 2 cups (as needed)

Lemon: 1 small


Cook the beetroot and carrot in a pressure cooker till they are soft. Once cooled, remove the skins of beetroot and carrot n transfer this mixture in a blender n blend it with ginger and a bit of warm water. Transfer it in a heavy bottomed pan and add the sugar. Cook this mixture the same way to caramelize the pulp. once done, cool this mixture and squeeze the lemon and transfer it in a sterilized mason jar. Use it in a week.

Beetroot And Carrot Jam

P.S: Make sure you sterilize the heat proof container either with the help of microwave or by boiling water and sterilizing in it. Keep the jam in a refrigerator for higher shelf life. It can be used as a regular jam or it can be used to make fruit cakes, jim jams, or as a cake frosting.

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