3 Delicious And Healthy Dish Made With Pomfret Fish

Do you ever try Pomfret fish in any of your dishes? It is very delicious indeed. It needs lesser time for cooking and needs simple ingredients with it. Pomfret is a very well known sea fish famous around the globe. It is rich in lots of nutrients that are needed for your body like vitamin D and minerals. Try to cook dishes with this tasty fish and enjoy it.
We have shared 3 delicious dishes made with this sea fish and simple spices. Try them in your kitchen and enjoy them with your family.

The first one is a steamed dish and is a very healthy dish as it is cooked only with the method of steaming. It goes well in main course dish. Those who have a restriction for spicy food they can easily try it as we have used less spice in this dish.

Steamed Pomfret:


Pomfret Fish 1 big, Grated Coconut 50 gm, Green Chili paste 5 gm, Cumin Seed 1 table spoon (grinded), black pepper powder 1 tea spoon, Ginger 1 table spoon, Garlic paste 1 table spoon, Refined oil 3 table spoon, Onion Paste 2 table spoon, Salt to taste.


First clean the fish with plenty of water. Now add all the spices with the refined oil to prepare the marinating mixture. Now marinate the fish with this mixture for about one hour. Now take a banana leaf and wrap the fish with the leaf. Now put it on a micro proof dish and micro it for 7-8 minutes. Now put it on micro high and steam it. When it is done take it out and remove the banana leaf and serve it in a plate. Serve it with lemon juice and sliced Onion.

Steamed Pomfret


Use banana leaf after roasting it a little in your gas oven as it will prevent the breakage at the time of folding when you wrapping the fish.

The second recipe is also a simple dish which has a twist in it as we have used grated coconut with the fish. It actually increases the taste and makes the dish delicious. The spices used in the dish are very common and we have used malt vinegar to add a punch in the dish.

Pomfret Rishad:


Pomfret Fish 4, Lemon juice (take 4 lemons), Ginger and Garlic juice 2 table spoon, Dried red chili 50 gm, Malt vinegar ¼ cup, cumin seeds 1 table spoon, grated coconut 2 table spoon, turmeric powder 1 tea spoon, salt to taste, brown sugar 2 tea spoon, tomato ketchup1/2 cup.


Clean the fish with water and slit both sides of the fish with a sharp knife. Now make a mixture with the lemon and ginger-garlic juice. Marinate the fish with this mixture for at least 2 hours and keep it in refrigerator. Take out the seeds of the dried red chili and soak it in the vinegar. Now add all other spices in the vinegar and keep it for 2 hours. Now grind the soaked spices in a grinder to prepare a paste. Coat your fish with the paste made with spices and set it aside for 2 hours. Apply oil in both sides of the fish and grill it from the both sides. Serve hot.

Pomfret Rishad


Try to use fresh grated coconut in your dish as it makes your dish more delicious. If you use desiccated coconut in your dish, first soak it in Luke warm water and then use it in your dish.

The third one is a very tasty dish made with pomfret fish. The ingredients are also simple. The fish is actually grilled in this dish. As the name suggests we have used lots of garlic in this dish and the flavor of the garlic makes it really tasty.

Garlic Pomfret:


Pomfret fish 500 gm, Coriander leaves 50 gm, garlic 25 gm, Cumin powder 1 table spoon, paprika as required, salt to taste, lemon juice 1 table spoon, Refined oil 1 table spoon, oil a little (for brushing).


First clean the fish with Luke warm water. Now chop the coriander leaves. Pour chopped coriander leaves, cumin powder, paprika, garlic and a pinch of salt in the grinder. Grind the whole thing to make a paste. Add a little oil and salt to taste. Coat the fish with this mixture. Add lemon juice and wait for 30 minutes. Grill the fish in microwave for 25 minutes. Take it out for several times from the oven and brush oil in both sides of the fish. When the fish turns soft take it out of the oven and serve it in a decorative dish. Serve it with coriander leaves and lemon slices.

Garlic Pomfret


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