3 Smoothies That That Keeps You Energised

It’s a known fact that the lifestyles of the people have changed and it has affected their mental and physical well being. Skipping breakfast and sometimes, lunch, has greatly deteriorated the overall health of human beings. In such a case, a well rounded smoothie, aka liquid lunch, create wonders for your system and happiness. Most of these smoothies are packed with essential nutrients that fulfill your daily requirements and give you necessary energy to go through your day.

These Are Smoothies That That Keeps You Energised

1. Loaded Fruit Smoothie:

This smoothie consists of mixing high energy yielding fruits and nuts and it instantly fills your hunger. You can mix and match the ingredients ac to your tastes.


Small Indian Apple- 1 no.

Black grapes- 5 nos.

Orange juice/ Orange stalk : 5 tbsp/ 3 nos.

Sesame seeds/ flax seeds/ melon seeds mixed: 1 tsp

Whole milk: 1 cup

Rolled oats or Instant Oats: 5 tbsp

Cinnamon powder: a pinch

Sugar: as needed

Pulse the fruits, oats and seeds in a blender till smooth. Add the milk and blend till smooth. Sprinkle with cinnamon powder. You can chill the milk or add crushed ice to make a cool refreshing smoothie.

Loaded Fruit Smoothie

2. Power Lunch Smoothie:

Nothing gives you quite a refreshing punch as this one. You can pack this lunch in a mason jar and chill it in office refrigerator till lunch.


Carrot, medium sized: 1 no.

Cucumber, medium sized: 1 no.

Beetroot, Small: 1 no.

Mint leaves: 3-4

Cornflakes: 2 tbsp

Oats: 2 tbsp

Ginger, grated: 1 tsp

Warm water: as needed.

Sugar: as needed

Blend in the ingredients till smooth paste. add water as required.

Power Lunch Smoothie

3. Dessert Smoothie: 

This smoothie is decadent and energizing. You can have this smoothie when you are fatigued and tired. It instantly uplifts your mood.


Drinking chocolate powder: 1 tbsp

Cocoa powder: 2 tsp

Chocolate chips/ Chocolate pieces: 1 tbsp

Banana; 1 no.

Walnuts/ Almonds: 1 tbsp

Coffee powder: A pinch

Cream: 1 tbsp

Whole milk: half cup

Sugar: as needed

Salt: Half a pinch

Grind the walnuts and almonds with Banana for a smooth paste. Add in the other ingredients till smooth paste. Add crushed ice or top with ice cream for chilled dessert. You can add a dash of chilli powder for enhancing the flavor of chocolate.

Dessert Smoothie

Note: These smoothies contain nuts and seeds.

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