5 DIY Healthy Orange And Carrot Juice Recipes

Both carrots and oranges are very high on different kinds of vitamins. Carrots are rich in iron along with vitamin A, which is beneficial in improving and enhancing your eye sight. On the other hand, oranges are known for being rich in antioxidants along with vitamin C. So the combination is very healthy and you can add a dash of deliciousness to these juices by mixing some other fruits here too-

1. Orange And Carrot Juice

Ingredients –

1 carrot and 1 orange

The simplest way of making this would be to squeeze the orange juice the traditional way. 2 oranges should work. For the carrot juice, wash and lightly peel a carrot. Then cut the stem and puree in the blender. Don’t strain, mix and serve with the orange juice.

Orange And Carrot Juice

2. Beetroot, Orange And Carrot Juice


One orange, one carrot and one raw beetroot, pinch of rock salt and small piece ginger

Boost your overall health with this amazing juice remedy, which works wonders for people with low blood pressure. Make orange juice and along with the carrots, puree peeled beetroot in the blender with a piece of ginger and a touch of rock salt. Mix and serve.

Beetroot, Orange And Carrot Juice

3. Tropical Fruits With Orange And Carrot Juice

Ingredients –

1 raw carrot, one orange, 1/4 cup pineapple and melon.

Another quick remedy that is thick and delicious is mixing these Orange And Carrot Juices with fresh pineapple juice or even a touch of water melon juice. It simply enhances the taste of these two juices and is highly suggested for overall health.

Tropical Fruits With Orange And Carrot Juice

4. Orange And Carrot Juice With Mangoes


1 raw carrot, one orange and one 1/2 cup ripe mangoes

This is more of a thick and slushy juice, which fills up your stomach along with providing many health benefits. Just roughly dice some mangoes that are ripe and sweet, to this mix some fresh orange juice and throw in chunks of chopped carrots too. Blend and drink up without straining.

Orange And Carrot Juice With Mangoes

5. Low Calorie Orange And Carrot Juice


1 raw carrot, one orange and 1 big celery stalk.

A good weight loss juice would be mixing carrot and orange with some celery juice. It spices up the taste of this mixture and is ideal for weight loss. You have to roughly chop and wash some celery stalks. In the blender puree the celery stalk and add carrots. Hand-squeeze orange juice because the seeds crushing in the blender can often give you a bitter taste. Mix well and drink up every morning.

Low Calorie Orange And Carrot Juice

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