5 Foods From The Kitchen That Can Replace Medicines

There are many spices, herbs and foods in the kitchen that are a healthier alternative to many medicines because of the simple fact that they are natural. Contrary to popular beliefs, the medicinal value of these herbs and spices is not restricted to just prevention – it helps to and heals too. Many of these are found commonly in the garden, from the vegetable vendor or even in that little pod in your home. There are also some foods around the kitchen that have miraculous healing powers – but we tend to oversee them.

So Here Are Some Herbs And Foods, Which Can Completely Replace Medicines

1. Turmeric

Right of your spice rack, this is a common ingredient found at home that has antibacterial and healing properties. Turmeric – be it in fresh or dried forms is known reduces the effect of various kinds of cuts, wounds, burns, etc. If consumed regularly in your diet, it is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, thus highly recommended for individuals with swollen gland or organ issues. Mixed with milk, turmeric is known to induce sleep, heal cough and cold and also reduce different kinds of viral infections. And all this for literally no costs and side effects – as compared to conventional medicines. They are a great replacement for – Anti-inflammatory drugs, antiseptic creams and lotions


2. Rosemary

An aromatic herb that can be easily grown in the kitchen garden – rosemary is known to have carnosic acids, which have cancer-fighting properties. As per research, individuals who consumed rosemary on a regular basis in their diet showed higher resistance to free radicals. Rosemary is known for inducing a scent that is associated with improving memory.They are a great replacement as a preventative measure for individuals prone to cancer.


3. Holy Basil

Indians worship this plant and yet in most cases, often forget the goodness it bestows you with. Holy Basil is another healing miraculous plan that is known to helps to different kinds of ailments. The juice of this basil is mixed with honey and ginger to sooth an ailing throat or getting respite from the flu. When consumed on its own, it is known to detoxify and improve immunity. Consuming 5 leaves a day is suggested as an ancient herbal remedy in the Indian subcontinent.They are a great replacement for over the counter cough and cold syrups and drugs

Holy Basil

4. Ginger

The sharp and sometimes strong taste of ginger keeps many away from enjoying the juice of the tender and fresh root. It is another common ingredient that is known for its anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Ginger juice is known to reduce inflammation and heal internal wounds. It is also anti-viral and antibacterial in nature, which helps in fighting flu, cold, etc. Ginger juice is known to induce hunger by heightening your taste buds. They are a great replacement for hunger-inducing drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, etc.


5. Honey

Honey is one of the rare foods that have high medicinal properties. In particular, the natural and organic versions of the Manuka honey or even the pure unadulterated raw honey versions. Honey is known for its antibacterial, anti fungal, anti-viral and many other healing benefits. It can be applied externally on wounds, burns and cuts for faster repair or even on dry skin for its moisturizing and nourishing properties. When consumed on an empty stomach with warm water, it is known to enhance metabolism and detoxifies. Itchy and hoarse throat, a spoon of honey provides immediate respite. They are a great replacement for cough and cold syrups

These unconventional food and herbs provide you with many healing and therapeutic benefits. Yes reduce may take slightly longer, but they are free from side effects caused because of drugs, toxins, etc. found in medicines.


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