5 Super Foods For Immunity Boosting Power

Human body is a network of various organs that help in enhancing its functioning by performing their functions impeccably. These organs play their role only if assisted by various other factors, one of them is immunity, which comes from food and hygiene. Restoring better immunity means exposing your body to the lesser risk of viruses and diseases. Do you know that the white blood cells are the actual fighting force of our body? The white blood cells provide body the strength to fight against diseases causing organism and rids the body of toxins.

Therefore, in a world where people depend on more of pizzas than cereals, it is utmost important to boost immunity that comes from intake of foods which are meant to boost immunity. Although, all types of foods assist body in some or the other way but there are foods that are meant to provide immunity only.

Our body performs various functions but all of them are connected with the immune system of the body. The moment the immune system disrupts, the body starts giving up. For this reason only, the body will give the best in its functioning if its immune system is working perfectly. So that the body never get tired in performing its job, it is better to maintain its immunity, which starts from consuming food that are basically meant to boost immunity.

Following Are Listed The Top Five Super Foods That Help In Boosting Immunity:

Foods That Bring Immunity

1. Yoghurt

Regularly consuming probiotics found in foods such as yoghurt help the immune system work efficiently and causes you less sniffles. Yoghurt is also known for lessening the inflammation that causes symptoms of diseases. For a better immune system, have one bowl of yoghurt daily. You can also mix with strawberries for your taste.


2. Green Tea

Green tea is definitely a superfood because other than boosting immune system it favors every organ of the body in its functioning. It is because of the presence of antioxidants that green tea has such marvelous immune-boosting effects. Prepare green tea by boiling water and steep green tea for no more than 2 minutes. Consume at least 2 cups of it daily. In case you feel the taste bitter, add little honey and lemon to sweeten. Make sure that you don’t add milk otherwise it can render the tea ineffective.

Green Tea

3. Vitamin D

Until now, you would be reading the immune boosting effect of vitamin D in books but now is the time when you must start bringing it in use. People consuming vitamin D products in large amount are not just strong but also possess better immune system. Talking about sources of vitamin D, then there is no better source than sun. Other sources include fish especially salmon & fortified milk.

Vitamin D

4. Mushrooms

Mushrooms contain a large amount of B vitamins, protein, fiber, vitamin C, calcium, and other minerals therefore they are long known for containing immune enhancing properties (1). Enhancing the immunity through a variety of mechanism, Mushrooms activate the anti-infection activities of white blood cells. Therefore, it is very important for you to take care of your immunity and consume one bowl of mushrooms daily.


5. Chicken Soup

When it comes to boosting immune system, Chicken soup is a hands-down winner. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help ease the symptoms of diseases. In order to consume it, drink one bowl chicken soup daily. Mix garlic in the soup for far better immunity.

Chicken Soup

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