8 Non Alcoholic Cocktail Recipes

Never feel lonely if you are not an alcoholic person. You can try non- alcoholic cocktail. These are tasty flavoured, colourful and many people will not recognize that it is non-alcoholic. You can punch the flavour whatever you want. This is the best way to enjoy a party. Always feel free to try various flavours in non-alcoholic drinks. These drinks are tasty and you can serve it at your house party. These recipes are easy to make and it can be made in short time. There are the huge collections of mocktail recipes available. We are offering you few of them. Few well known mocktails are Banana Bonkers, Designated Appletini, Italian Cream Soda, Shirley Temple, Queens punch, Chocolate liquer Shake.

Here Are 8 Recipes We Are Sharing For You

1. Non-Alcoholic Champagne Punch

This is the tasty champagne punch that you ever tasted. We need two litres white grape juice, one litre apple juice, two litres ginger ale, ice ring, and one litres of apple juice water. The earlier night of the party put the apple juice in the ice ring mould. Rest of the juice take less time to melt. Now mix all the ingredients in a mixer bowl and then add the ice ring at the end.

Non-Alcoholic Champagne Punch

2. Princess Punch

This punch recipe is unusual. It really looks like a pinkish princess drink. It is sweet and has the flavour of ginger and strawberry both. It needs the tasty sweet strawberry ice cream of one qt. , one can froze pink lemonade, three bottles of ginger ale, one can pineapple juice and two and half cup of water. Mix all these ingredients and melt the ice. And serve and drink. This is the perfect drink after little amount of dinner.

Princess Punch

3. Cherry Limeade

This drink is awesome to taste and it can be made within few minutes. We need three cups of cherries, two limes, six cups water half to three fourth cups of honey or sugar, Cherries and lime slices for garnish and ice. Give all the ingredients in the blender except ice, few cherries and lime for garnish. Grind all ingredients and make a thick paste. Strain it and take the juice. Garnish it with few ice, cherries and lemon slices.

Cherry Limeade

4. Cotton Candy Surprise

Try this non-alcoholic mock-tail recipe to welcome your guests. We need cotton candy and lime Perrier for this drink. Fill the glass with cotton candy. Then mix the lime Perrier slowly on the top.

This is the most easy and quick recipe of the non-alcoholic tasty cocktail. The name is seriously matches with the recipe, it is surprising.

Cotton Candy Surprise

5. Rainbow Fizzy

This is the perfect blend of colours in a glass. You need to make the fruity ice cubes before few hours. You can choose the flavour of this three fruits grape, lime or cherry or you can choose only one or two. Take three variation of cool juice and transform it in ice cubes. Pour sprite or lime soda in the glass and put all cubes in the glass. The juice will taste yummy.

Rainbow Fizzy

6. Orange Julius

If you don’t like orange much then try this mock-tail. Surely you will fell in love with the flavour of orange. We need one can orange juice essence, one cup of milk, one cup sugar, two cups of ice and half vanilla extract. Blend all these ingredients and serve it. It will be tasty and thick like smoothie. This is the ideal drink for house party or welcome guests.

Orange Julius

7. Apple Faux –ITO

This is a mock mojito with mint leaves, lime and apples. Generally we know that mojito is made of alcohol, but it is not. This refreshing drink needs one shot lime juice, ten fresh mint leaves, one teaspoon of caster sugar, three shots of Waitrose Pressed Apple juice, two shots of essential Waitrose club soda, apple slices and crushed ice. Squeeze the lemon in the glass and mashed mint leaves and sugar well. Then put ice and half fill the glass. Pour the apple juice then add more juice according to need. Stir lightly and garnish with apple slices.

Apple Faux –ITO

8. Bubbly Fruity Mocktail

This is the ideal recipe to drink pure fruit juice in different manner. The main ingredients of the mocktail are two cups sparkling water, one fourth cup of pure cranberry juice, one fourth cup of pure apple juice and zest of small orange. Pour the sparkling water in fluted champagne glasses. Then mix the cranberry juice and apple juice together. Then garnish with zest of orange. Serve it and taste it.

Bubbly Fruity Mocktail

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