Chestnut And Chocolate Parfait Recipe

Today we have a very yum yum recipe for you! It is super easy to make at home and your kids will surely love it. Are you making it for someone really special? Trust us when we say this – they will fall in love with it! The recipe is called Chestnut and Chocolate Parfait. You do not need to do any cooking! It is just preparing and freezing. It is super simple and super yum. Take a look, dear!

Here Is The Recipe For Chestnut And Chocolate Parfait:

Chestnut And Chocolate Parfait

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time: 3 Hours (Freezing)
Serves: 8


Melted milk chocolate – 200 grams
Chestnut puree (sweetened) – 4 cans of 250 grams each
Crumbled amaretti biscuit – 100 grams
Oranges – 2 (chopped roughly, peeled and segmented)
Orange zest – 1
Grated dark chocolate – 50 grams

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

Take a loaf tin and rinse it with cold water. Make sure it is a deep loaf tin. The volume should be 1.5 liters. Do not dry it after rinsing it with water. Line this loaf tin with a cling film. Smooth out the wrinkles. You do not have to smooth all the wrinkles. Just smooth out as much as you can.

Step 2

Stir in the chocolate, amaretti biscuits and chestnut puree and then  stir it. Add the orange zest and orange. Now gently you need to fold in cream till it is combined. Spoon mixture into the loaf tin. Now you need to carefully smooth the mixture top and cover it with  the cling film. Freeze it for 3 hours till it gets firm.

Step 3

Now take it out of the freezer once it is done. Take it out 20 minutes before you serve it. In order to serve the parfait, you would need to dip the loaf tin for a very short moment in the hot water. Turn it out on a serving plate and gently remove the film. Scatter the dark grated chocolate and slice the parfait and serve.

Oh yum! This is a gorgeous recipe. You should definitely try it at home. This is a must try recipe. How about going in the kitchen and trying out this recipe? Your guests definitely need some dessert after dinner.


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