Recipe For The Delicious Bacon Wrapped Chicken With Lemon And Honey

This it is the recipe of so many of the dishes. In this we marinate the chicken. Then we wrapped it with the bacon and bake it with the lemon and the lime juice. Then we take the prosciutto and fry it last we prepare the delicious white sauce for it. It has the sweet and the sour taste.

Here Is The List Of The Complete Ingredients And Step By Step Process For This Delicious Recipe At Home:

Bacon Wrapped Chicken

Preparation Time- 15 Minutes
Cooking Time- 35 Minutes
Serves- 2


Milk- 800 ml
Butter- 1 knob
Polenta- 200 gm
Mascarpone cheese- 6 dollop
Chicken breast- 2 sliced
Lime juice- 1 tablespoon
Prosciutto- 1 sliced
Sun dried tomatoes- 3 sliced
Salt- as per taste
Pepper- 1 teaspoon

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First we take the bowl, add the milk in it, season it with the salt and pepper in it. Now put this on the medium flame and boil the mixture. Now take the polenta and add this in the milk, now stir it regularly so that there will be the consistency of the mashed potatoes. Now add the mascarpone cheese and butter in it.

Step 2

Now we take the tray and place a clean film in it. Now we pour whole of the mixture in it and wrap it with the film and tap the mixture so that it will be set. Now place this inside the refrigerator, so that it will be set and hard.

Step 3

Now we take the chicken breast, cut out the excess fat from it and cut it into the half of it exactly from the middle of it. Take the pan put it on the low heat, now add 1 shot of the olive oil it and place the chicken directly in the pan. Now fry it till the chicken will change its colour to the golden brown. Now flip to the other side and fry it from that side also.

Step 4

Now take the bacon and wrap the chicken in the bacon, now take the baking tray and put all the chicken wrapped with the bacon in it. Now take the honey, squeeze it on the top of the chicken. Now take the lime squeeze the lime on it as well, season it with the pepper and put this inside the oven at 180 degree celcius for about the 15 minutes.

Step 5

Now we take the prosciutto and cut it into the slices. Take the same pan as we use for the chicken, place all the sliced prosciutto in it, seasoned with the salt and plenty of pepper, now fry it. As it is fried from the one side change to the other side.

Step 6

Now take out the polenta mixture from the refrigerator and cut it into the square shape from the side. Now we take the pan and put it on the medium flame, place the cut part of the polenta in it and make it hot from the one side.

Step 7

Now we take the sun dried tomatoes and then we cut them in the slices. Take the mascarpone cheese and the butter and mix the whole things, season it with the salt and pepper.

Step 8

Now place the pelato at the bottom, then add the sliced of the prosciutto, now add all the wrapped chicken on it. Then add the cheese mixture and sun dried tomatoes on it. Garnish it with the basil leaves. The dish is ready to serve.

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