Delicious Ginger Snap Hot Chocolate Recipe

This is the easy to make in your kitchen and then taste is also so delicious and once you have this you will love it. The richness of the chocolate and the custard with the taste of the ginger is so good. You can have this dish in the Christmas  party or in any other special occasion. Every age group will love it.

Here Is The List Of The Ingredients And The Process For This Delicious Recipe:

Delicious Ginger Snap Hot Chocolate Recipe

Preparation Time- 10 Minutes
Cooking Time- 15 Minutes
Serves- 2


Chocolate- 300 gm
Sugar- 200 gm
Almond chips- 250 gm
Curd- 100 gm
Gelatin – 2 leaves
Ginger snap biscuits- 5
Milk- 100 ml

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

For this you need to take the bowl and then add the sugar into it and then add the water into it and put it on the low flame and then stir it regularly now make it bubble and boil it till it become the caramel and then give the dark brown colour.  Now add the almond chips into it.

Step 2

Now in another pan take the gelatin leaves and then add these into the bowl with the mixture of the water and leave it for the some time, when the leaves are half dissolve then put them on the low heat so that it will be completely dissolve.

Step 3

Now in another pan take the milk curd and then add the gelatin into it, now add the vanilla extract into it, now mix it well to make the thick smooth paste and then make the curd of it. Now take the equal amount of the milk and to then add the ginger snap biscuits into it and then boil the milk so that the biscuits will absorb the milk.

Step 4

Now in the bowl take the dark chocolate and then melt with the steam. Take out the ginger custard and then take out the liquid in it by filtering it and then take out the almond caramel mixture in another plate.

Step 5

Now take the deep glass and then first add the hot chocolate at the half of its depth and then add the custard on it and then take the long spoon and have it with the almond caramel. Your perfect drink it ready for the Christmas.

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