Delicious Pork Shoulder Tacos Recipe You Must Try

Delicious Pork Shoulder Tacos Recipe

How about cooking something Mexican tonight? We think of tacos when somebody talks about Mexican food. Yes! Tacos are so famous when it comes to Mexican cuisine. The good thing is you can make tacos with almost any meat. Today we are going to share the recipe of Pork Shoulder Tacos which is simply yum. Kids and elders love it equally. You should definitely try this recipe at home. Check it out!

Here Is The Recipe For Pork Shoulder Tacos:

Preparation Time: 45 Minutes
Cooking Time: 4 Hours
Serves: 8


Chilled and chopped butter – 100 grams
Bruised garlic cloves – 3
Fresh sage – 1 bunch
Star anise – 2
Cinnamon stick – 1
Boneless pork shoulder – 2.3 kgs
Chopped tomato – 4
Chopped avocado – 1
Chopped Lebanese cucumber – 1
Chopped red onion – 1
Chopped fresh mint – 1 bunch
Mayonnaise – 200 grams
Juiced lime – 2 (grate rind finely)
Flour tortilla for serving

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

Preheat your oven to 200 C. Place 2 foils on top of each other. They should be long length foils. Place the garlic, sage, butter, cinnamon and star anise in middle. Now place pork on the butter mixture. Season it nicely. Form a boat using the foil around the pork. This will bar the juices from flowing out. However let the pork breathe and not cover it. Place it on the wire rack. The rack should be on a roasting pan.

Step 2

Now roast it properly for maximum 15 minutes. Reduce the heat to 130 C. Roast it for 3 hours till the pork starts shredding easily. Remove it from the oven. Cover it with foil and set it aside for about 40 minutes. Let it rest.

Step 3

Now combine the cucumber, avocado, cucumber, mint and onion in a bowl. Add sugar in it and season. Combine the fresh mayonnaise and the fresh lime juice and rind in another bowl.

Step 4

Now remove prepared pork from pan and remove the fat and crackling. Reserve crackling. Shred the pork meat and cut crackling into strips.

Step 5

Now top the heated tortillas with the shredded pork, crackling strips and salsa. Drizzle it with the prepared mayonnaise. Your dish is ready to serve!

Well, this surely made our mouth water. This inspires us to go in the kitchen and prepare some tacos. We so love it! Why don’t you try to make it as well? It does not require special cooking skills. Happy cooking!


Anshu Choudhury is a Delhi girl. She loves to write and believes that words have power to change lives. She has a Master's degree in Sociology from Jamia Millia Islamia. Anshu loves cooking. She aspires to open her own restaurant serving Bengali and Odiya cuisine. Dancing makes her happy. She likes traveling and swimming. She is versatile, optimistic and adventurous.

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