Easy Way To Prepare Delicious Pizza Delight

All you know that a Pizza is an Italian dish and we are used to buy it from fast food shops or from any specialized restaurant. But do you know that you can easily prepare restaurant like Pizza in your home also. So here is the recipe for authentic pizza delight. It tastes as the same with the one that you buy from a shop and as it is home made it is also healthy.

The ingredients used in this particular recipe are easily available in market. For the herbs and black olive, you can find them canned in market. One time you bought them you can prepare many dishes with them. Usually when we prepare Pizza in home we buy the base from market. But here I have shared the technique how you can make a perfect Pizza base. Please follow the recipe of Pizza delight step by step and enjoy the lip smacking taste of authentic pizza.

Pizza Delight

Pizza Delight:

Preparation time: 45 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Serves: 8


Refined Flour 500 gm, Soaked Yeast 15 gm, Pizza Sauce 50 gm, Mozzarella Cheese 70 gm, Water as required. For the Pizza topping you will need: For this particular pizza we will make the topping with various types of meats, Chopped Bacon or sliced ham, sausage or boiled chicken 150 gm, Onion 30 gm(chopped), Mushroom 30 gm (sliced), Black Olive 30 gm, Tomato 30 gm (chopped), Oregano 1-2 pinch.


Step 1:

Take a big bowl and pour refined flour and soaked yeast in it. Add required amount of water in it and knead it to prepare smooth dough.

Step 2:

Now keep your dough in the oven or in any warm dry place of your kitchen, covering the dough with a plastic sheet or muslin cloth for half an hour. On the other hand you can place the dough in a bowl and cover with a lid which has a little high. It will help in fermentation.

Step 3:

When the dough get fermented it rises up, so when you cover the dough with a plastic sheet or muslin cloth or a lid keep them away from the dough such a way so that they does not touch the dough when it rises up. That is there should be enough space for fermentation.

Step 4:

After your dough get fermented roll it in a thin round shape with the help of a rolling pin on your kitchen counter. If required you can sprinkle some loose refined flour during the time of rolling; it will prevent the sticking of the dough, but do not put so much of it.

Step 5:

Now preheat your oven. Then half bake your dough in 350 degree Fahrenheit temperature for 5-7 minutes in your oven. Your Pizza base is now ready; take it out from your oven.

Step 6:

For the topping first spread Pizza Sauce and grated Mozzarella cheese on the pizza base in well manner. Now add all the toppings i.e. different type of meats, onion, sliced mushrooms and chopped black olives on it. Be careful that all the toppings must be spread evenly on the pizza base.

Step 7:

Sprinkle dried Oregano on the top. If you have some fresh chopped basil leaves you can also add them in the topping. Finally put the Pizza Base in your oven and bake it for 10 minutes. When your pizza base turns crispy take it out from the oven and serve.


Anosua is from Kolkata who has done her Masters in Computers’. She has passion for cooking, gardening, Interior decoration, beauty and in dress designing. She is fond of writing and loves to put her thoughts into words.

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