Hotteok (Korean Street Food) Recipe

Widely famous in all over Korea, Hotteok is a sweat recipe. It is like a sweet pancake in Korean style served in almost every vendor. Although down here is given the basic ingredients for dough filling, but once you are professional with this recipe, you may fill it with the ingredients of your choice.

However, Must Keep Sugar And Nuts As These Are The Basics Of This Recipe:


Preparation Time: 3 Hours
Cooking Time: 30 Minutes
Total Time: 3 Hours And 30 Minutes
Serving – 12-13

Ingredients For Hotteok:

Warm milk – 1 1/3 milk
Active yeast – 1 teaspoon
Sugar – 1 tablespoon
Bread flour – 3 cups
Salt – 1 teaspoon

For Filing

Brown sugar – ¾ cup
Cinnamon -1 teaspoon
Vanilla – 1 teaspoon
Chopped nuts – 2 teaspoon
Cooking oil

Instructions To Prepare The Recipe:

Step 1

Add warm milk, sugar and yeast in a bowl and whisk until you find the sugar and yeast have got dissolved completely. Keep the bowl stand in a warm place for the next 5-10 minutes. Must notice the bubbles rising on the surface of the mixture.

Step 2

Take a large mixing bowl, and add flour and salt and stir. Pour the mixture prepared in the 1st step in the bowl and knead to form a dough with a wooden spatula or hand. Continue kneading until it turns smooth and elastic. Once done, cover the dough with a plastic wrap wholly. Allow the dough to stay aside for 3 hours.

Step 3

In the meantime, you can work upon the filling. Combine all the ingredients in a bowl and place aside.

Step 4

You dough will be ready by now. Place a non-stick pan on medium heat for some time. Add cooking oil enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Also rub the cooking oil on both of your hands and roll about 2 oz. of dough at a time. Roll in the shape of a ball and with the help of your fingertips, flatten it like you do a mini-pizza. Now place the dough on your palm and scoop about 1 teaspoon of filling and place in the center of the rolled dough. Seal the filling completely with its edges. It should form a round dumpling.

Step 5

Once the dough are made and are filled, place in the pan and cook each for 2 minutes. Make sure that both the sides of the dough turn golden brown and crispy as well. These are your Hotteok. When you have achieved the desired result with the dough, transfer them on a tissue paper or paper towel. Serve while they are still hot.

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