How To Cook Delicious Fish Wrap In Simple Steps

Try Fish Wrap this Sunday for your family. It is a very delicious dish and easy to prepare. You can cook in both way; either in your gas or in micro oven.

Fish Wrap

Fish Wrap:


Bekti Fish 4 pieces (small size), Coconut 1 (grated), Banana Leaf 2 (big sized), Ginger 20 gm(Peel the skin first & then make thin long slices), Garlic 20 gm (make slices like ginger), Onion 350 gm(sliced), Curry leaves a few, green chili 4-6(slit them from the center), Turmeric powder ¼ tea spoon, salt to taste, refined oil 2 table spoon,

For The Mixed Spice You Will Need:

Dried Red Chili 2, Coriander seeds 1 tea spoon, Cumin seeds 1 tea spoon, Cardamom 1-2, Black Pepper 1 tea spoon, Kokum. First dry roast all the ingredients and then keep it aside to cool. Then grind all the spices in a food processor.


Step 1:

Sprinkle a little amount of turmeric powder and salt over the fishes. Marinate the fish with salt & turmeric for half an hour. Mix grated coconut with the grinded spice. Then add ginger, garlic, Onion and curry leaves one after another in to it. Add 2 table spoon of refined oil in this mixture. Now add the marinated fish to the mixture. Mix all the things in a well manner so the fish is coated with the spice.

Step 2:

Now apply a little oil on the banana leaves and slightly roast the leaves in the gas. Roasting of banana leaves will prevent breakage at the time of folding. Now wrap your fish and spices with the banana leaf in well manner; if require you can tie the wraps with threads so that it does not spoiled. Now heat a non stick pan and put the wrapped fish packets on it. Cover it with a lid.

Step 3:

Wait for 8-10 minutes and then open the lid. Turn the wrapped fish packets to the other side and again cover the pan with the lid. Cook it for sometime and then turn off your gas. Take out the fishes from the banana leaves and pour them on a serving dish with the spices. Serve Fish Wrap with plain rice.


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