How To Cook Delicious Hummus Beiruti In Your Kitchen

Do you know how to prepare Hummus Beiruti? If not then please go through this article. Usually people ordered Humus when they are in a restaurant. But it is an easy recipe that you can easily try it in your kitchen. Basically Humus is a Middle Eastern recipe, which is at the same time delicious and nutritious too.

So if you want to surprise your family members by preparing Humus Beruti, just read this article. All the ingredients that are needed in this recipe are easily available in your kitchen, so you need not to worry so much.

Hummus Beiruti:


Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time: 20 Minutes
Serves: 8


White Chick Peas 1 kg
Citric Acid 10 gm
Parsley 100 gm
Olive Oil 100 ml
Salt to taste
Onion 200 gm
Paprika 20 gm
Baking Soda a little


Step 1:

First clean the chickpeas with lots of water and soak it in water for overnight. On the very next day again clean it with water and then mix a little amount of baking soda in it. Then pressure cooks the chickpeas until they turn soft. When it is done turn off the flame. Allow them to cool.

Step 2:

Now clean the fresh parsley leaves with water and then finely chop them with sharp knife. Now remove the skins from the boiled chickpeas and separate the skins from the seeds in two different bowls. Then mash the boiled chickpeas into paste. You may use grinder to mash them or you can use electric grinder for mashing.

Step 3:

Then add ice, salt to taste and citric acid in it. Then grind it again so that all the ingredients get combined in a nice way. Churn it well. Pour this mixture in a bowl. Clean tomato and onion with water. Now chop the onions and tomato finely.

Step 4:

Add chopped onion, tomato and chopped parsley in it. Then mix all these chopped ingredients in your Humus. Garnish your plate and then pour the chickpea mixture on it. Garnish it with chopped tomato and parsley leaves. Pour a little amount of olive oil on it. Here your Humus Beruti is ready to serve.


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