How To Make Delicious And Healthy Mango Mousse In Your Kitchen

Every people love to eat dessert. And dessert is an important dish as you have to serve it at the end of a full course menu either it is a dinner or a lunch. Dessert recipes are also an important part of any occasion as you have to serve them to your near and dear ones. Isn’t it a good idea to serve a healthy dessert to your family members which is at the same time very tasty too? Yes it is. So here is a healthy and yummy dessert recipe for you
and it is a recipe of Mango Mousse.

Mango is available in almost every part of this globe in almost every season. But in the summer you can found it more. Mango is so tasty and healthy fruit. It contains beta carotene which is responsible for its fantastic yellow color and it is important for healthy vision. Mango is also power packed with other nutrients which are important for skin and eyes health. So make this healthy and yummy dessert to your family enjoying it most.

Mango Mousse:


Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 Minutes
Serves: 6


Ripe Mango 4 (large)
Fresh Cream as required
Gelatin 1-2 tea spoon
Chocolate Chips for garnishing
water as required
Chopped mangoes for garnishing


Step 1

Soak the gelatin in ½ cup of Luke water for half an hour. Clean the mangoes properly with water and then remove the peel from the mangoes. Now make small slices of the mangoes.

Step 2

Then pour the mango slices in a bowl and mash them to make pulp out of them. Now pour this soaked gelatin in your mixer jar. Also pour fresh cream in the same mixer jar. Keep some fresh cream separate in a bowl. You will need them when you do garnishing. Now blend them well.

Step 3

Also add the mango pulp in it and again blend it well. Now take small decorative glasses and pour the mango mixture in it.Then pour fresh cream on it.

Step 4

Then pour chocolate chips on it to garnish it and keep it in your refrigerator for near about 3-4 hours. Here your Mango Mousse is ready to serve. If you wish you can garnish it with chopped mangoes from top.


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