How To Make Natural Flavored Icecreams At Home

Icecreams are favored dessert of all age groups. The cold and sweet food is a preferred at anytime of the day and it instantly lifts the mood. There are many variants of this humble dessert and can be served in many ways. Plain ice creams, gelato, soft serve, cream popsicle are served in a cup, cone, designer cones, stick, sundaes, with milkshakes, smoothies. The versatility of ice cream is vast.

Store bough icecreams contain artificial stabilizers, preservatives and often, gelatin. They are into mass production and they need to add these substances so that it stays fresh for longer days. If you’re making it at home, it’s guaranteed fresh and you can control the amount of sugar in it. You can create a huge amount of icecream at a fraction of money that you spend on store bought ones. You can even create your own combination of flavors. This recipe is milk based and this requires a stand mixer or hand mixer with whisk attachments.

Make Natural Flavored Icecreams

Preparation Time: 15 minutes

Setting Time: 5 hours

Serves: 10-15


For Icecream Base:

Whipped Cream base: 50 g
Whole milk: 1 cup
Sugar: half cup
Vanilla essence: 8 drops


Step 1

Chill all the ingredients including the whisk attachments and bowl in the refrigerator. It’s very important step or else the ice cream won’t have desired texture.

Step 2

Take the whipped cream base in the chilled bowl. You can get this base very easily in markets. Now whisk the base till it’s half raised. If you’re using powdered form of whipped cream, add ice cold water to it and then whisk. Put this mixture in freezer.

Step 3

Now take whole milk in a bowl and add sugar to it for it to dissolve. You can even use powdered sugar for faster dissolving. Add vanilla essence to it. now you can add the desired natural flavoring. Given below are some of the popular combinations. You can create one of your own. You require around half cup of each flavoring for this recipe.

Chocolate: Cocoa powder

Chocolate chip: Cocoa powder and semi sweet chocolate chips

Chocolate chilli: Cocoal powder with a pinch of chilli powder

Fruit and nut: Raisins with almonds and walnuts which are pulsed lightly.

Roasted almonds: Roast the almonds in a pan and pulse till chunky bits

Caramel: Make your own sauce by heating the half cup sugar with half cup water without mixing in between the heating. once the color is achieved, you can add half cup full fat cream to it. This procedure is very tricky and care should be taken as caramel is very hot to handle. If using caramel, reduce the amount of sugar in recipe.

Crackle: Rice crispies help achieve this result.

Strawberry: Pulse the strawberries with a bit of sugar n hot water.

Mango: Pulse the peeled mango pieces with sugar and hot water

Mixed fruit: Pulse all fruits with a but of sugar n hot water

Coffee: Coffee powder

Cake: Bread pieces cut in small dices and outer cover removed

Smores: Fluffy marshmallows

Vanilla/ Chocolate: Chocolate shavings

Cookie cream: Oreos, pulsed till chunky bits

Cheesecake: Cream cheese, whipped, Oreos, pulsed. Half cup of both

Green tea: Matcha powder

Carrot: Shredded and blanched carrot

Honey: Honey or Maple syrup

Step 4

This way, you can mix and match ingredients according to your taste preferences and add to the milk mixture.

Step 5

Now remove the half whipped cream from the refrigerator and add the flavored milk to it and whip it again to its full capacity. It will rise triple in size. Create ripples in the whipped cream by manipulating the mixer. The end result is a fluffy and soft mixture.

Step 6

Take an airtight container and transfer the mixture in it. Freeze this mix overnight for best results. Once it is set well, you can scoop it out and you will have the texture and taste, much like the store bought ones.

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