How To Prepare Cadbury Dairy Milk Stuffed Bowl

This is a fabulous dessert dish and contains lots of chocolate and dry fruits. Try to prepare this amazing dessert dish in your kitchen and enjoy it with your family. It is easy to prepare and need simple ingredients. Once made you can refrigerate this recipe and can enjoy it up to 2 weeks.

Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury Dairy Milk Stuffed Bowl:


Cadbury dairy milk bar 15, Cottage cheese(Chana) 1 kg, Sugar 350 gm, Chocolate chips 100 gm, Almond 100 gm, Cashew Nut 100 gm, Pistachio 50 gm, Condensed milk 100 ml, Khoya Kheer 150 gm.


Step 1:

First take a pan and pour water in it. Now place another pan on the boiling water and boil the water. Now put all the dairy milk chocolate bars on it. In few minutes it will start melting. Then stir it with a spoon if needed. You can use any double boiler to melt the chocolate. But do not melt the chocolate on direct heat. It will spoil then. When the chocolate get completely melted remove it from flame and allow it to cool.

Step 2:

First take a pan and take half of the cottage cheese in it. Cook it on medium flame for some time. Now add sugar in it and stir it continuously that’s why it does not stick to the bottom. Add the sugar and stir it continuously.

Step 3:

After some time when it start to dry add the remaining cottage cheese in it. Stir it continuously. Now grate the Khoya Kheer and pour it in the pan. Also stir it. Now mix the condensed milk keeping half of the amount aside. Stir the mixture in the pan generously. When it came to dry remove it from flame and spread it on a plate. Allow it to cool.

Step 4:

Now take a pan and dry roast all the dry fruits. Now finely chop Almonds, Cashew nuts and pistachio. Now mix them with the melted Cadbury dairy milk. Now add the condensed milk with it. Also add the chocolate chips with it. Mix all the ingredients in well manner. Now your stuffing is ready. If required you can add some liquid milk with the stuffing to get the proper consistency. It must not be so liquid or so thick.

Step 5:

Take the prepared mixture and divide it in to small balls. Now make small bowls out of these balls. You can use muffin molds or tiffin cake molds for this purpose. Make small bowls with the mixture. Now fill this “Bowls” with the previously prepared stuffing using Cadbury dairy milk with the help of a spoon. Fill all the bowls with the stuffing. Keep this bowls in your refrigerator for 1-2 hours. Now your Cadbury Dairy Milk Stuffed Bowl is ready to serve.


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