How To Prepare Fish In Coconut Milk In Simple Steps

Here is one great dish which you can easily try yourself in your kitchen. As the name suggests you can easily understand that it is a preparation made with fish. It is actually delicious and takes a little time to prepare. I have used simple ingredients in this dish that are easily available. Try it today and enjoy it with your family.

Fish In Coconut Milk

Fish In Coconut Milk:


Bekti fillet 1 kg, Onion 500 gm (chopped), Garlic 100 gm (chopped), Ginger paste 100 gm, green chili 4-6 (silted from the center), Coconut 2 (grated), Turmeric powder 1 tea spoon, salt to taste, curry leaves a few, mustard seeds half tea spoon, refined oil 2 table spoon.


Step 1:

Heat refined oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds, curry leaves and green chili. When they starts to splatter and a fantastic smell comes out, then add chopped onion in it. Saute it and when the onion turns transparent, add chopped garlic in it. Also add ginger paste. Stir it and cook it for some time.

Step 2:

When it turns a little brown add the bekti fillets with it. Turn the fishes with a spatula and fry both sides of the fishes.

Step 3:

Now boil 2 cup of water in a pan. Add 1 cup of this boiled water in the grated coconut. Wait for 5-6 minutes and then strain the liquid. Set aside this thick coconut milk. Now add another cup of water in the grated coconut and repeat the same process. In this step you will get a coconut milk which is thinner than the previous one.

Step 4:

Add this coconut milk in the fish and cook it in high flame. When it gets dry add the coconut milk which you have get in the first step i.e the thick coconut milk and then add salt, sugar to taste. Stir it and turn off your gas. Serve your preparation with brown rice.

Quick Tips For The Preparation:

Always try to use fresh coconut when you are making this dish as freshly grated coconut adds more taste in the dish. If fresh coconut is not available for you then you can go for desiccated coconut. For this you have to soak the coconut in water for more time when you are preparing coconut milk.


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