How To Prepare Honey And Orange Glazed Chicken In Easy Method

Chicken recipes are all time favorite as a dinner or lunch dish. It is a nutritious food item which is rich in protein and almost all the dish made with chicken is very tasty also. Here is the recipe of Honey and Orange Glazed Chicken which is a unique dish that you can make with chicken and surprise your family members. The dish is as unique as we have used orange juice and honey in this dish. So, follow the recipe to prepare the dish to try it today.

Prepare Honey And Orange Glazed Chicken

Honey And Orange Glazed Chicken:

Preparation Time: 1 hour 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 4


Boneless Chicken breasts (each of 200 gms) 4
Ginger 1” (chopped)
salt to taste
Mustard paste 2 table spoon
Orange juice 6 table spoon
Black Pepper powder ¾ tea spoon
Dried Red Chili seeds 1 tea spoon
Honey 4 table spoon
Lemon juice 2 table spoon
Small Onions 8-10 (peel the skin of the onions)
Carrot 2 (medium size)
Olive oil as required

For The Preparation Of Glaze You Will Need:

Orange juice 1 cup
dried red chili seeds ½ tea spoon
Honey 2 table spoon
Mustard paste 2 tea spoon.


Step 1:

First peel the carrots and slice the carrots in thick pieces. Then clean the chicken breasts in plenty of water and pour them in a bowl. Now add chopped ginger, mustard paste, orange juice, black pepper powder, dried red chili seeds and lemon juice in this bowl. Also add salt to taste and honey in it.

Step 2:

Now marinate the chicken breasts with all these ingredients for 1 hour. Pre heat your oven in 200 degree Celsius temperature.

Step 3:

This is the time to prepare your glaze. Take another non stick pan and turn on your gas. Pour orange juice, dried red chili seeds, honey and mustard paste in the pan. Cook the mixture in medium flame to prepare the glaze. Cook it until it gets reduced in half of its quantity. Set it aside. We will use this glaze latter in this recipe.

Step 4:

Take another non stick pan and put it on the flame. Add a little oil in it and heat it in medium flame. Now add the peeled onions and carrot slices in it. Sauté them for about 2 minutes. Turn off your gas.

Step 5:

Then take a baking tray and spread all the vegetables on it. Now put the marinated chicken on the veggies. Brush a little olive oil on the chicken. Bake your chicken in the pre heated oven.

Step 6:

When you are baking your chicken apply this glaze on your chicken for frequent times in the middle of baking and do it until your chicken turns soft. When the chicken gets completely baked take it out from the oven. Take a serving plate and pour the excess glaze on one side and pour the chicken in the other side. Serve hot Honey and Orange Glazed Chicken with brown rice.

Quick Tip:

We have used combined cooking in this recipe. In the first step we have sautéed the veggies and in the next step we have baked them. When you sauté the veggies let it half cooked as we will bake it later with the chicken. If you cook the veggies full then it will get over cooked at the end of the cooking and the preparation will spoil. The dish requires a marinating time for at least 1 hour, thus you can marinate the chicken in previous day keeping it in your refrigerator. Cook it on the next day, it will save your time and at the same time the chicken get tastier.


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