How To Prepare Lip Smacking Orange Chiffon Cake

Every body loves to eat cake. Orange Chiffon Cake is basically a type of fruit cake where Orange is used as key ingredients as the name suggests to it. This recipe needs very simple ingredients and the preparation method is so easy. The process is simple like the other cake making. Here is the recipe of Orange Chiffon Cake.

Orange Chiffon Cake:

Orange Chiffon Cake

Preparation Time: 12 Minutes
Cooking Time: 40 Minutes
Serves: 6


Refined Flour85 gm, Sugar 115 gm, Baking Powder 1 tea spoon, Egg 4, Orange Juice 1 cup, Butter 1/3 cup, Icing Sugar 1½ cup, Whipped Cream 100 gm, Orange a few (slice it finely with a sharp knife), Orange essence few drops.


Step 1

Take a glass bowl. First mix the flour and about 2/3 rd portion of the icing sugar in a bowl. Add required amount of Luke warm water to make the batter.

Step 2

Add orange essence, orange juice and eggs in this bowl. Blend the whole thing in a well manner with the help of a hand blender.

Step 3

Now grease your cake mold with a little butter. You can use a brush for the purpose; your fingers are also enough to do this.

Step 4

Pour the cake batter in the cake mold; spread it evenly in the mold with a spatula. Preheat your oven in 175 degree centigrade. Now put the cake mold in your oven.

Step 5

Now bake your cake for 25 minutes in 175 degree centigrade. When your cake is in the oven prepare the icing for your cake.

Step 6

To make the icing pour whipped cream and icing sugar in a bowl; add a little orange essence in it. Beat the whole thing with a blender.

Step 7

Take your cake out from the oven and allow it to cool. Now pour the icing mixture in a piping bag and now decorate your cake with the icing in desired design using your creativity power.

Step 8

At the end garnish your cake with the orange slices. Put in refrigerator; Serve delicious and cool Orange Chiffon Cake.

Quick Tip:

When you are using orange or any fruits in your dish try to use a fresh one. It will increase the taste of your dish.


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