How To Prepare Mouthwatering Chicken Extravaganza Pizza

Pizza is basically an Italian dish which is loved by all most every people in this globe. This dish is easy to prepare and healthy too. But everybody buys it from the fast food corner, but you can easily make it in your kitchen also. Here is a mouthwatering chicken pizza recipe for you.

Chicken Extravaganza Pizza:


Preparation Time: 30 Minutes
Cooking Time: 40 Minutes
Serves: 4


All Purpose Flour 270 gm
Soaked Yeast 15 gm
Pizza Sauce 60 gm
Mozzarella Cheese 90 gm

For The Toppings You Will Need:

Onion 30 gm (chopped into small pieces)
Green Bell Pepper 30 gm (chopped into small pieces)
Mushrooms 30 gm (chopped into small pieces)
Black Olive
Spicy Chicken 55 gm
Barbeque Chicken 55 gm

For The Preparation Of Spicy Chicken You Will Need:

Chicken 55 gm (cut it into small pieces)
Olive oil 1 tbsp
Garlic Paste ½ tbsp
Chopped Onion ½ tbsp
Salt to taste
Chili powder and black pepper powder ¼ tbsp.

For The Preparation Of Barbeque Chicken You Will Need:

Chicken Cubes 55 gm
Barbeque Sauce 1 cup
Salt to taste


Step 1:

First you have to prepare the spicy chicken for the topping of your pizza. Cut the chicken into small pieces. Then clean it with Lukewarm water in a well manner. Strain the excess water from the chicken.

Step 2:

Take a big bowl. Then pour the chicken pieces, garlic paste, olive oil and chili powder. Also add salt and black pepper powder as per the taste into it. Mix all the ingredients with your hands to marinate the chicken in well manner. Keep it aside for 15 minutes.

Step 3:

Now take a non stick pan and pour olive oil into it; allow it to boil in medium heat.

Step 4:

Pour the marinated chicken and chopped onion in it. Stir it frequently and cook it for 15 minutes. When the chicken turns soft put off the flame and keep it aside. Your Spicy Chicken topping is ready.

Step 5:

Now you have to prepare the Barbeque Chicken toppings. Clean the chicken pieces with Lukewarm water and strain the excess water from the chicken carefully.

Step 6:

Pour the cleaned chicken pieces in a bowl. Pour the barbecue sauce in it. Add salt to taste. Now marinate your chicken with this mixture for half an hour.

Step 7:

Now preheat your oven in 375 degree centigrade. Now bake the chicken in the oven for 25 minutes in 375 degree centigrade temperature.

Step 8:

When your chicken cubes turn smoky and brown then it is ready. Take it out from the oven and again pour barbeque chicken sauce in it.

Step 9:

Now it is the time to prepare the pizza base. For that take a big bowl. Then pour all purposed flour, soaked yeast in it. Mix all the ingredients and add required amount of water init.

Step 10:

Then knead it well to prepare soft dough. Now cover up this dough with a plastic sheet and keep it in a warm place like in your microwave for at least half an hour. In this time your dough will be get fermented.

Step 11:

When your dough get fermented roll it in thin round shape with the help of a rolling pin. Sprinkle little amount of all purpose flour on the dough before rolling it.

Step 12:

Now preheat your oven in 350 degree Fahrenheit temperature. Now half bake this pizza base in this temperature for 5-7 minutes and it is ready to use in the later part of this recipe.

Step 13:

Pour pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on the pizza base. Then pour chopped onion, chopped bell pepper, chopped mushroom and black olive on the pizza base.

Step 14:

Now spread the previously prepared spicy chicken and barbeque chicken on the pizza base. Now bake the whole thing for 7-8 minutes in a preheated oven in 230 degree Fahrenheit. Your Chicken Extravaganza Pizza is now ready to serve.


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