Mouth Watering Indonesian Recipe Of Grilled King Prawn With Saffron Mashed Potato And Orange Sauce

Today I am going to share a very delicious and tasty prawn recipe with you. This is Grilled King Prawn With Mashed Potato And Orange Sauce. It is basically Indonesian cuisine. Indonesia is very famous for prawn recipes. They use different kinds of spices while making prawn. Using of such different spices make the prawn very tasty. We almost every body tried prawn. May be in home or at restaurants. In today’s recipe, I am going to use big size king prawn. This dish tastes amazing if you can use some fresh prawn. Indonesia is a country where fish is very available. But in America, we hardly get fresh fish. But don’t worry, even then the taste will be very nice. If you don’t get king prawn at your place, you can use lobster to make this. Lobsters are easily available at any departmental store. So friends, let’s start of making today’s delicious Indonesian cuisine Grilled King Prawn With Saffron Mashed Potato And Orange Sauce. In Today’s Recipe, I Am Going To Make Three Different Preparation Which Will Be At Last Served Together In The Same Platter.

These Preparations Are:

1. Grilled King Prawn
2. Saffron Mashed Potato
3. Orange Sauce

Let Us Start With Grilled King Prawn.

1. Grilled King Prawn:

The first preparation of our today’s cuisine is very important one since the prawns will be cooked in this part only. It will take the majority of the time to be prepared. Rest will take very less time. So let’s check how to make this.

Grilled King Prawn

Preparation Time: 20 Minutes
Cooking Time: 30 Minutes
Serves: 2


We would need some very common ingredients which are available almost every time at our kitchen

2 big size king prawn ( each prawn needs to be weigh around 100 grams. You can replace the king prawn by lobster)
1 tsp chopped garlic
2 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp chili flex
1/4 tsp of white pepper powder
1/4 cup of chopped broccoli
1 small size carrot
2 tsp of olive oil
salt as per taste

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

Wash the prawn properly. Carefully take out the black thread like part from its head. Now take a mixing bowl. Add chopped garlic, lemon juice, chili flex, salt and white pepper powder into the bowl. Mix everything properly. Add this mixture to the prawn. Mix it with the prawn. Marinate them for around 10 minutes.

Step 2

Heat olive oil in a frying pan. Now add this marinated prawn into it. Saute for 10 to 15 minutes on low flame. Switch off the flame. Keep it aside.

Step 3

Heat oil in another frying pan. Now add chopped broccoli and chopped carrot into it. Saute for 4-5 minutes on high flame. Add salt and white pepper powder into it. Mix it with carrot and broccoli. Switch off the flame.

Step 4

Put the saute prawn that we have made in step 2 into grill. Now grill them for 15 minutes. Do not grill them for long time. It will become hard then and the taste will not be good. Whenever the prawn will change its color to golden, take them out off the grill.

We are done with our first preparation. Now let’s go to the next one.

2. Saffron Mashed Potato:

Nowadays saffron are very easily available. You can get it at any departmental store. Using of saffron gives a very nice flavor to any preparation.

Saffron Mashed Potato


Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Cooking Time: 10 Minutes
Serves: 2


2 big size potato
1 tsp of unsalted butter
A pinch of saffron
1 tsp of milk
1 tsp of fresh cream
Sal as per taste

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

Wash the potato very well and peel its skin properly. Boil water in a bowl. Add 1 Tsp of salt into it. Now the potatoes into it. Using of salt in water will make the potato boil very well.

Step 2

Mix the saffron with the milk. You will see the color of milk will become golden.

Step 3

When the potatoes will be properly boiled, remove them from water and mash them to a smooth paste.

Step 4

Heat butter in a frying pan. Now add mashed potato, fresh cream and saffron milk into it. When the potato will become creamy, switch off the flame. Keep it aside.

We are done with our second preparation. Now the last one.

3. Orange Sauce:

Using of fresh orange juice will make the entire dish very tasty and delicious. However, you can get it from any departmental store. But I strongly recommend using of fresh homely made orange juice.

Orange Sauce

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 5 Minutes
Serves: 2


1 medium size orange ( I will be making fresh juice)
1 tsp of butter
1/2 tsp of lemon juice
A pinch of salt
1 tsp of freshly chopped parsley leaves

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

Peel the orange and take out its pulp. Make sure that you have removed the seeds from it. Other wise the taste will be bitter. Now using a juicer, make the juice from these orange pulps. Strain it to get fresh and pure orange juice.

Step 2

Heat butter in a frying pan. Now add the freshly made orange juice that we have prepared in step 1, lemon juice, little salt and chopped parsley. Stir for 2-3 minutes. Our orange sauce is ready.

We are now done with our every preparation. Let us now learn how to serve this together.


Take two serving plate. In one platter, put the saffron mashed potato at the center of it. Now put 1 grilled prawn on top of it. At the side, put the saute carrot and broccoli. Now pour the orange sauce all over the grilled prawn. Make another platter ready in the same way. Serve it hot.

We have learned today a very delicious Indonesian prawn recipe. Make this at your home and enjoy with your friends and family.

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