The Rich Flavored Lemon And Butter Basted Roasted Chicken And Gravy

Roasted Chicken And Gravy

Today, you’re going to learn the trick of cooking the whole chicken in such a way that it gets a rich and delicious flavor. You will get the delicious buttery taste as it has butter all inside it and all over it. There are used few other herbs as well that take the flavor to another level.

Now Let’s See More Details About The Recipe Down Here:

Preparation Time – 15 Minutes
Cooking Time – 1 Hour And 40 Minutes
Total Time Taken To Prepare This Recipe – 1 Hour And 55 Minutes
Servings – 4
Level – Easy

Ingredients Required To Prepare This Recipe:

Halved lemon – 2
Softened butter – 50 gram
Fresh thyme or lemon thyme – bunch (stalks reserved, leaves picked) + extra for serving
Garlic clove – 4 (1 should be mashed, and the other 3 should be squashed but left whole)
Chicken – 1 (of about 1 ½ kg)
Roughly chopped onion – 1
Roughly chopped carrot – 2
Chicken stock – 250 ml
Soy sauce – a fine splash
Plain flour – 1 teaspoon

Let’ Go Through The Recipe Now:

Step 1

Before you start doing anything, set the oven at 200 degree Celsius. Now you can proceed ahead with the recipe. First, take a small bowl and add one third part of the thyme leaves, butter, juice from half part of the lemon and mashed garlic. Mash all these ingredients properly and then mix all these ingredients together. Add some seasoning and then set the bowl aside. Till then you can do the other ingredients.

Step 2

Now comes the important part. Take the chicken and use your hands to loosen its skin. Do this at the breast part. Push the butter mixture into the gap. This will make it even rich after cooking. There might be some butter left. Rub this butter to all over the body of the chicken. Fill the lemon halves stalks, garlic and the remaining thyme leaves into the chicken cavity. Push it from all the direction to let it spread everywhere equally.

Step 3

Take the roasting tin now and spread onion, chopped carrot and the baby leaves over its base. Place the stuffed chicken on top of it. The breast side should be facing up. Allow this mixture to roast in the middle shelf. Let it remain there for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. While roasting, the chicken will leave a buttery juice. Do remove the chicken from the shelf in every 40 minutes and just stir the buttery juice on top of the chicken. You have to finally remove the chicken from the roasting shelf, when it turns dark golden in color, the skin is crispy and the juice goes clear in the roasting tin. Remove from the shelf but not from the tin. Allow to stay into the tin for about 5 minutes.

Step 4

Now you have to use a pair of tongs and remove the stuffing i.e. Garlic, lemons and the thyme out of the chicken cavity. Do not discard but keep into the tin only. Now lift the chicken with the pair of tongs and let any juice dribble into the tin. Finally shift the chicken into the serving platter and let it rest for another 15 minutes at least.

Step 5

Now you have to do something that adds more taste to the recipe i.e. doing the gravy part. To do this, you have to first squeeze the juice from the cooked lemon halves and reject the skin of the lemons. Place the roasting tin on low heat and add flour to it. Stir for some time or until it sizzles to become light brown in color. When it does, add the stock and allow to cook for some more time. If you are fond of dark gravy, prefer adding some soy sauce. Cook for few more minutes and then strain the gravy into a jug. Finally serve this gravy together with the chicken.

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