Lip Smacking Meatloaf Packed With The Veggies With Quinoa

Meatloaf Packed With The Veggies With Quinoa

I am sure that you are going to love this one. For non-vegetarian lovers, this is delicious to the extent and it needs to be tried at every special occasion. The recipe is lean and delicious no doubt. You have the choice of meat in this. You can go for turkey or chicken as per your wish. Just go through the recipe given down here and try out at home.

If You Try Out By Yourself Then Don’t Forget To Mention Your Experience. Also, Mention If You Make Some Changes Into The Recipe:

Preparation Time – 20 Minutes
Cooking Time – 55 Minutes
The Dish Becomes Ready In – 1 Hour And 15 Minutes
Servings – 6
Level – Easy

Ingredients Needed For The Recipe:

• quartered onion – 1
• quartered carrot – 1 large
• peeled garlic cloves – 4
• quartered celery stalk – 1
• lightly beaten egg – 1
• baby spinach – 2 ½ cups
• quinoa – 1 ¼ cups (first cooked and hen cooled)
• ketchup or barbecue sauce – ¼ cup
• ground black pepper – ½ teaspoon
• low-sodium soy sauce – 3 teaspoon
• lean ground meat either turkey or chicken – 1 ½ pounds

Steps For Preparing The Recipe:

Step 1

In the first step, you need to set the oven at 425 degree Fahrenheit. The temperature needs to be really high because the meat used in this recipe taken mush time to be cooked. Take a baking sheet and line it with a parchment membrane.

Step 2

Now you have to do some preparation with the food processor. Simply pour onion and garlic into the food processor and grind or mash till the two come up with a fine paste. Shift the paste from the food processor into a skillet.

Step 3

Add carrot and celery into the food processor and pulse the two like the first one. Pulse till the two form a fine paste. The two should be chopped properly. Now add spinach to the paste and pulse few times more. Transfer the paste into the skillet already containing the onion-garlic paste. Now heat the stove and place the skillet to the heat. The setting should be medium. Keep on stirring the vegetables in the skillet until the vegetables release all the liquid from it. Keep on placing on high heat, till the liquid is all gone and the vegetables begin to turn brown in color. This might take some 8 minutes. Add 1 teaspoon of water to keep the vegetables from sticking at the bottom of the pan. When the vegetables are cooked thoroughly, transfer into large sized bowl.

Step 4

In the bowl having the above prepared mixture, add ground meat, soy sauce, and black pepper. Mix properly and then break one egg to it. You might have to mix properly for quite some time.

Step 5

Now taking the prearranged baking sheet into the baking tray and just spread the mixture on it. Form a loaf out of the mixture. The loaf should be about 10 inches long. In case, it sticks on your hand while spreading, just wet your hands. When the loaf is all made with the mixture above, spread the barbecue sauce or ketchup on the top. Finally shift the tray into the oven. Allow to bake till cooked properly and it turns brown in color. You might have to wait for 40 minutes to get such result. Remove from the oven next and then allow to place aside for some time or till it becomes cold. Finally slice into 6 portion and serve without wasting a second.

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