Lip Smacking Recipe Of Barbecue Style Broccoli Vol Au Vents!

If you are a dire fan of barbecue dishes, then you might have come across a right platform and on the right page as well. Quite easy to cook, the barbecue style broccoli Vol Au Vents are also a lot healthy for you. This might be a perfect less time consuming recipe to cook and besides this you don’t need to incur hefty aggregates on buying it from take away because now you can easily cook it in your own pantry.

You can have this recipe either as an appetizer in the festivity or as an evening snack. An amazing recipe to prepare for a superlative Event, gathering with your friends or even at your loved one’s anniversary bash. So, why to delay for cooking this amazing dish now, friends. Let’s get into the detailed description of this Recipe.

Under mentioned is the all-inclusive and exact description of the Preparation time, Cooking time and the Explanation of active ingredients required to prepare this mouth-watering, healthy and alluring recipe.

So, Let’s Initiate With The Cooking Details Of This Lip Smacking Recipe:

Recipe Of Barbecue Style Broccoli Vol Au Vents

Preparation Time:-30 Minutes
Cooking Time: – 25-30 Minutes
Total Time Needed To Prepare This Recipe: Approx., 1 Hour


Vol Au Vent Shells:11-12
Fresh Cream Cheese: about 8 ounces
Fresh Green Spring Onions: about a half cup, finely chopped, for garnishing
Garlic Cloves: – 5-6 finely chopped
Broccoli: 1 in quantity, fresh and cut into cube size florets and blanched well+
Onion: 1 medium sized, finely and thinly chopped
Barbecue Mayonnaise:3-4 tablespoons
Black pepper: 1 teaspoon
Olive oil: as per requirement
Salt: 1-2 tablespoons or as per requirement
Fresh Coriander or Parsley: about a cup, finely chopped for garnishing

Method Of Preparation:

Follow the below highlighted steps and cook this wonderful and healthy recipe of barbecue style Broccoli Vol Au Vents and be prepared to indulge in its smoky and luscious flavors. I am sure once you cook this lip smacking recipe, it will absolutely cooked on recurrent basis by quite an exceptional demand from your family and friends.

Step 1

First of all heat some olive oil in a wok and then add the finely chpped garlic to it. Then sauté it for 20-25 seconds and ensure that it should not stick with the wok. Then add the thinly slices onions, half of the finely chopped green spring onions, red chilli, fresh coriander that is finely chopped, black pepper and salt to it in the prescribed quantity .Now, combine all these ingredients effectively with the help of spatula and stir it in between, till all the ingredients have been cooked well more especially the onion has acquired translucent color. Keep it sideways for a while.

Step 2

Next, add to this cooked garlic and onion , the freshly washed Broccoli florets and then stir the contents of the wok for 2-3 minutes significantly. Now, add fresh parsley leaves or coriander leaves along with the salt, in required quantity and combine all the ingredients all well. Put it off the flame and then let it cool .

Step 3

Next, add to the broccoli and the rest of the contents, about prescribed quantity of Mayonnaise along with fresh cream and mix it properly with a spatula. This is an amazing barbecue style broccoli that is optimally cooked and may attract you with its mesmerizing flavors.

Step 4

It’s a high time to put the Vol Au Vent Shells on a serving plate and spread all the broccoli mixture on the Vol Au Vent Shells in a superlative way, such that all the shells have been encapsulated well with the creamy and cheese paste.

Step 5

Now, finally garish it with a handful of garden-fresh coriander leaves, grounded pepper and serve it long the tomato ketch-up or spicy tomato sauce and enjoy this wonderful and scrumptious barbecue style broccoli Vol Au Vents shells recipe along with your friends and family.

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