Lip-Smacking Shrimp In Thai Coconut Curry

Shrimp In Thai Coconut Curry

The scrumptious shrimp curry made by combining the sweet-tasting coconut milk and flavors of the Asian spices is quite easy to make at home if you follow the recipe given here step by step.  When served with jasmine rice, it makes a complete meal that tastes out of the world.

Shrimp In Thai Coconut Curry:

Preparation Time – 40 Minutes
Cooking Time –20 Minutes
Serves – 4


Shrimp – 1 pound (peeled, deveined)
Coconut milk – 1 can
Thai red curry – 3 tablespoon
Peanut oil – 2 tablespoon
Chopped Shallots – ½ cup
Carrot – 2 (shredded)
Red bell pepper – 1 (cut into strips)
Minced Garlic – 2 teaspoons
Fish sauce – 2 tablespoons
Palm sugar – 2 teaspoon
Thai basil – 3 tablespoon
Fresh cilantro – 3 tablespoon

Thai Red Curry

Coriander seeds- 1 tablespoon
Thai chili-pepper – 12 (dry chili)
Black pepper – ½ teaspoon
Shallots – ½ cup (chopped)
Garlic – ¼ cup (minced)
Lemon grass – 3 stalks
Ginger – 2 tablespoon (minced)
Fresh Cilantro – 2 tablespoon
Lime zest – 2 teaspoon

Thai Curry Preparation:

Step 1

Roast coriander seeds and black pepper over low heat in a dry pan for about 3 minutes. Once it cools down, grind them to powder.

Step 2

Return the pan to heat and put the garlic and shallot and cook. Stir until they start to get brown and remove from heat. Roughly chop the chilies and take all the ingredients including the lemon grass, ginger, lime zest and cilantro in a processor.

Step 3

Add ¼ cup water and grind them to form a smooth paste. Transfer the paste to a sealed container, refrigerate and use when required. This can be stored for about a month.

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

Heat oil in a large sized pan, put the shallots, garlic, carrot and bell peppers into the pan and cook until they get soft. Keep stirring often as you cook the veggies. Stir in red curry paste, stir well and cook for 1 more minute.

Step 2

Combine the fish sauce and the mixture in the pan and leave it for a minute, but do not forget to blend it thoroughly. Pour in the sweet coconut milk and palm sugar and bring the contents to boil.

Step 3

Once the curry starts boiling, leave it to thicken over low heat for 2 minutes. Put in the shrimp and cook by stirring frequently. Cook until the shrimp gets pink.

Step 4

Heat for another 2 minutes after the shrimp is cooked perfectly. Top it with basil and cilantro leaves. Cut off heat, transfer it to serving dish and enjoy it with jasmine rice.

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