Mouthwatering recipe of Tanzanian Sabbath Fish:

Fish recipes are all time favorite of every one. So here is another great recipe made with fish. Basically it is an African recipe which is very popular around the globe. This delicious dish is very easy to prepare and needs only simple ingredients. This dish is a great starter item for a main course menu but can also be treated as a superb snacks item for your guests and family members. Basa Fillets are used as a key ingredient for the dish, but you can use any other fish to make the dish. But be sure that you can only use fillets of them.

Tanzanian Sabbath Fish:

Recipe Of Tanzanian Sabbath Fish

Preparation Time: 15 Minutes
Cooking Time: 20 Minutes
Serves: 6


Red Green and Yellow bell pepper 200 gm (chopped)
Basa Fillet 800 gm(chopped finely)
Mayonnaise 75 gm
Parsley leaves 30 gm (chopped)
Paprika Powder 20 gm
Aromatic Seasoning 10 gm
Salt as per taste
Sugar as required


Step 1:

First chop all the ingredients finely with a sharp knife. Cut the bell peppers in juliennes. Then clean them with plenty of water. Keep them aside to strain the excess water from them. Also clean the fish fillets with water and if needed wipe them with napkin to remove excess water from it.

Step 2:

Now take a big bowl and pour the basa fillets in to it. Add chopped bell peppers, chopped parsley leaves, 2 tea spoons of oil, paprika powder and aromatic seasoning in it. Also add sugar to taste mayonnaise in to it and marinate the basa fillets for at least one hour.

Step 3:

Then moist your palms applying a little oil on it. Then take small portion of this marinated mixture and make thin round shapes by pressing them with your hands.

Step 4:

Make such round shaped pieces with all the remaining marinated mixture. Now take a non stick pan, pour little oil in it with a brush and put it on the flame.

Step 5:

Now pour all the fish rounds in the pan and shallow fry them in low or medium flame. Turn it to the other side when one side is cooked.

Step 6:

Cook rest of the fish rounds in same method. Your Tanzanian Sabbath Fish is ready to serve. Serve it with salsa which will make it more delicious and yummy.


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