Mouthwatering Spicy Enchilada -Stuffed Shells Recipe

Hey Guys!! Wanna cook some different and extraordinary recipe today? Then you have come on the precise web-page. Today, we will learn how to cook mouthwatering spicy Enchilada -Stuffed shells Recipe. You can have this recipe either as an appetizer or as a side snacks in the evening. This awesome recipe is basically originated from Mexico loaded with lots off grounded, flavored and aromatic spices like oregano, Enchilada sauce, garlic flakes, shredded Rotisserie chicken, cumin seeds, coriander, and parsley along with the mild traces of cinnamon powder that it is sure to delight all the Mexican flavored recipe enthusiasts.

To add an icing on the top, we will crumble some small cubes of Feta cheese in the on the top of the stuffed shells along with garnishing it with some cooling sauce or dip and served it hot with some amazing beverage of your choice. So, guys without assassination additional time, let’s get into the description of this Mouthwatering spicy enchilada –stuffed shells recipe.

Let’s List The Ingredients Required And Start Preparing Our Yummy Mouthwatering Spicy Enchilada -Stuffed Shells Recipe:

Enchilada -Stuffed Shells

Preparation Time:-20-25 minutes
Cooking Time:-35 minutes
Total Time Needed To Prepare This Recipe: 60 minutes

Ingredients Required For Enchilada-Stuffed Shells Recipe:

Jumbo Shells: 1 lb
Onion (that should be properly chopped): ½ onion
Freshly chopped cilantro: ¼ cup
Freshly chopped Mint leaves: ¼ cup
Grounded coriander powder: ½ tablespoon
Grounded Cumin Seeds: Half tablespoon
Cinnamon powder: ¼ teaspoon
Oregano: 1 teaspoon dried one or ¼ cup, freshly chopped
Garlic: 2 cloves, properly minced
Fresh Ground Black Pepper: 1 tablespoons
Olive Oil: 2tablespoons
Kosher Salt: as per requirement
Black pepper- Half teaspoon
Enchilada Sauce: 2 tablespoons
Mexican Shredded cheese: About 2 ounces in cubed or crumbled form
Shredded Rotisserie Chicken: 1 lb
Green Chillies: 2 in number, finely chopped

Method Of Preparation:

Now, let’s have a brief overview on the detailed narration on how to prepare this recipe.

Step 1:

First of all, preheat the microwave oven to 350⁰. Take a boiling pan and boil shells in the boiling water poured with some salt and olive oil. Next, drain the excess water and shuffle the shells.

Step 2:

Now, take a large skillet pan and put some olive oil into it. Let it gets heat up on a medium flame and then add to it the chopped onions and fry it until it transforms its color into golden brown. Then add minced garlic cloves and turn over the entire contents. On the top of the entire mix add some salt, cinnamon powder, black pepper, chilli powder and cumin seeds.

Step 3:

Now, add some enchilada sauce and chopped green chillies to the skilled pan and bring it to boil until all the contents amalgamate well into it. Cook for 5-6 minutes and then cover it with a lid.

Step 4:

Next, for cooking the shredded rotisserie chicken, you need to wash the chicken first and then on the top of it add about 2-3 tablespoons of the prepared sauce, shredded Mexican cheese along with some finely chopped cilantro. Top it with some kosher salt, black pepper and mix well, so that all the ingredients amalgamate well with the chicken.

Step 5:

Next, take a deep casserole dish and on the base of this dish put some enchilada sauce and then stuff the boiled shells with the cooked stuffed chicken mix and some Mexican cheese. Put the remaining Mexican shredded cheese on the top of the entire shells.

Step 6:

Then, bake this dish for about half an hour, until the cheese gets melted and the entire spicy mix is cooked and has initiated to infuse its flavor in the spicy shells. Next, let the dish cool for a while and then transfer it into the serving plate and have it along with some hot or cold beverage of your choice.

So, this is all about fabulous mouthwatering spicy-enchilada stuffed shells recipe.

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