Multi Color Mille Crepes With Natural Food Colors

This is a fun breakfast recipe that is healthy as it doesn’t use artificial factory colors for home made organic colors. This recipe does require some preparation but once it’s done, the assembling of it is very easy. Its a very good lunch/ picnic option as it’s very pleasant to look at. Plus the vegetables/ fruits inside the colors helps in providing some nutrition. You can choose colors of your liking according to the availability at your homes. This is purely your creativity that will decide the look of the Mille.

Multi Color Mille Crepes With Natural Food Colors

Preparation Time: 45 minutes

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Serves: 8


For The Crepe:

Refined flour: 4 cups
Eggs: 6 large
Whole milk: 2 cups
Honey: 2 cups
Baking powder: 1 tsp
Vanilla essence: 1 tsp
Butter: 2 tbsp
Cinnamon powder (optional): 2 tsp
Organic colors: as available (color options are shown in recipe method)
Warm water (as required)


Step 1

For Creating The Crepe Mixture:

Take eggs in a large blender cup and add oil to it. Blend the mixture with help of a blender till it frothy. Add milk and honey to it and blend a little bit more. Now add a bit of flour and baking powder to it and fold the mixture well. Add the essence to it and mix . Divide the batter in parts. These parts will depend on the number of colors you have.

For The Pink Color:

Take a small beetroot and cook it in a pressure cooker. Peel the beet and crush it in a blender. Sieve through it and the water got is your pink color is ready. Alternatively, you can use cranberries for it.

For The Green Color:

Blanch spinach leaves and blend it in a mixer. Sieve the water and your green color is ready. You can use matcha powder for it too.

For The Purple Color:

Black grapes or blackberries will do the trick. Just blanch them a little and blend it. You can use the puree itself and if you don’t like texture, you can sieve it and use the color water instead. Purple cabbage is also a good source.

For The Chocolate Brown Color:

Cocoa powder usually does the work.

For The Yellow Color:

Turmeric is used for the same. But don’t use too much if it as its flavor is too strong and will cover the flavor of the crepe.

For The Red Color:

Take some pomegranate seeds and blend it in mixer. Take a thin muslin cloth and drain the water. Use this water for faint red pinkish hue.

Step 2

All these colors are organic. Hence they don’t have a strong color stain. It will result in pastel color hues but are very pleasant looking.

Step 3

Now, add these colors to separated batter as per the cool preference. Only color is the yellow one which is turmeric powder. Use it sparingly. Your multi color crepe batter is ready.

Step 4

Take a non stick, small sized pan and take a small amount of batter and spread it well on the pan to create a thin round sized crepe. Let it cook for a while. Do the same for all the colored batter. Make at least 3 batches of each color. Let it cool.

Step 5

Now, take butter and melt it. You can add cinnamon powder to it if you want. Now. take a colored crepe and brush the butter mix to it. Place another colored crepe over it and again brush it with butter mix. Keep on doing it and maintain the color sequence. Stack it well. Now, cut a slice with sharp kitchen knife and pour some maple syrup to it if you want. You can have this crepe with whipped cream or icecream too.

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