Quick Recipe For Delicious & Colorful Rainbow Slice Cake

When Ever we plan for a baked dessert dish, the first thing that came in our mind is nothing but “CAKE”. Do you ever heard of Rainbow Slice Cake? It is a tasty and a very colorful cake. Moreover it is favorite of all the children. Try it for your kids.

Rainbow Slice Cake:

Rainbow Slice Cake

Preparation Time: 15 minutes
Cooking Time: 40 minutes
Serves: 6


Refined Flour 4 cup
Egg 6, Baking Powder 2 tea spoon
Powdered Sugar 4 cup
Butter 200 gm,
Any flavored Essence 2tea spoon
Food Color (Take 6 colors, 2 drops for each type)
Baking Tray (Take any rectangular baking tray or cake mould)
Butter Paper.


Step 1

First pour 4 cups of refined flour in a bowl and mix baking powder with it. Strain it with a sieve in another bowl.

Step 2

Break all the eggs in a bowl and beat it with a high speed beater. Add powdered sugar, butter and essence in it. Again beat it with a hand blender.

Step 3

Then add the refined flour and baking powder mixture in it. Beat it again to prepare a smooth batter and be careful when you are mixing there should be no lump in the mixture.

Step 4

Now take seven bowls of equal size; now pour the six food colors each of 2 drops in each bowl. Now pour the cake batter in all the seven bowls in equal amount.

Step 5

Mix the batter with the food color in all these six bowls to get colored batter. No color will be added to the remaining bowl i.e. it will be the plain cake batter.

Step 6

Now spread the butter paper in your baking tray or in the cake mould which ever you are using and grease it well with butter.

Step 7

Now first pour the plain cake batter and then slowly pour six colored batter one after another. Lastly again pour the plain cake batter. Bake it for 20 minutes in 180 degree centigrade in a preheated oven.

Step 8

Take the cake out from your oven and allow it to cool. Now slice it with a sharp knife. Your Rainbow Slice Cake is ready to serve.

Quick Tip:

When you are making the batter, be careful about the consistency of it. If it is so liquid the colored layers will get mixed and it will spoil the dessert. And if the batter will so thick the cake will not rise so much.


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