Recipe For Making Irresistibly Delicious Banoffee Pie

A fascinating dessert recipe from Britain, Banoffee pie is traditionally made with bananas and condensed milk. The dish first got featured on the menu of a pub in England after a couple of trials by the pub’s owner and chef and later, went on to become a favourite among the Britishers including the likes of Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana. One thing that sets this dish apart from other pie dishes is the addition of condensed milk after boiling the cans in water for two hours before opening them. By doing this the milk gets turned into a thick toffee like substance and is used as a filling for the pie. Since this method of boiling cans may lead to horrible explosions we are using a different method for making the toffee filling.

Take A Look At This Recipe To Make Banoffee Pie The Safe Way:

Banoffee Pie

Preparation Time : 2 hours
Cooking Time : 1/2 hour
Serves : 14 to 16


(For Base)

200 g butter(unsalted)
4 cups Digestive biscuit crumbs

(For Filling)

2 cans condensed milk
100 g butter(unsalted)
4 bananas
2 tbsp brown sugar
60 ml double cream
1/2 tsp coffee powder
1 tbsp Grated Chocolate


To make the pie base mix together butter and biscuit crumbs using a fork so all the butter gets evenly incorporated with the crumbs. Apply a little melted butter on a baking tin and start making the base by pressing the mixture along the tin’s surface until all of it is covered ensuring that the thickness of the base crust is enough to hold the caramel filling. When done place this tin in refrigerator for an hour.


Step One

To make the caramel filling melt butter in a large saucepan and add condensed milk, brown sugar and mix. Let the condensed milk simmer over low heat while stirring constantly in between. Keep stirring till the sauce acquires a brownish tinge. Turn off the flame and let it cool for a minute.

Step Two

Take the pie crust tin out from the refrigerator and pour the caramel sauce over the pie crust and place it back in the refrigerator to set for one hour.

Step Three

Peel bananas and halve them lengthwise. Place the halved bananas over caramel filling on the pie tin.

Step Four

Pour double cream in a bowl and whip it after adding coffee powder till soft peaks are formed. Cover the pie with whipped cream and garnish with grated chocolate. Chill and serve.

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