Recipe For Salmon With Herby Mayo

In this recipe, first, you have to get ready with the salmon and then prepare mayonnaise by yourself and finally serve the salmon with mayonnaise. What makes this recipe difficult is how to do the salmon and prepare mayonnaise to make it perfect and free of any lumps. Do read all and see how it is made.

Here Is The Recipe For Salmon With Herby Mayo:


Preparation time: 1 hour
Cooking time: 1 hour
Servings – 10-12
Level- Difficult


Salmon fillets – 2 (of about 1 ½ kg each)
For greasing purpose – olive oil
Sliced lemon – 1
Chopped bunch dill – 1
White wine – 6 teaspoon
Thinly sliced fennel bulb – a small

Ingredients For Making Mayo

Egg yolk – 2
Sunflower or rapeseed oil – 1 teaspoon
White wine vinegar – 2 teaspoon
Dijon mustard – 1 teaspoon
Lemon juice – 1 teaspoon
Finely chopped Herbs such as chives, terragon dill, parsley, chervil – 6 teaspoon

Ingredients For Serving

Cheeks of lemon
Cucumber, Sliced into long and thin strips – 1


Step 1

Before proceeding towards the cooking instruction, make sure that the salmon fillet is boneless and skinless.

Step 2

Set the oven at 180 degree Celsius. Take extra wide turkey foil paper and brush its surface with olive oil. Place the first salmon fillet on foil and then scatter the sliced lemons, half the fennel and dill. Season properly afterwards. Now comes the second fillet. Place it on top of this with its domed side up. Season and then drizzle some wine on it.

Step 3

Take another sheet of greased foil paper and fold up its edges so that you can enclose the salmon fillet properly into a parcel. Make sure that the parcel you make is quite loose so that steam can pass through it.

Step 4

Place the foiled fillets into a baking tray and then cook for 1 hour. Remove afterwards and then allow the fillet to rest inside the foil for 10 minutes.

Step 5

Now it is time to prepare the mayonnaise. Take a medium size bowl and place egg yolk in it. Add some salt if you like it. Pour the oil into the jug. Now whisk the egg yolk and slowly transfer into the jug. Don’t stop whisking till the end.

Step 6

Keep on adding oil slowly while whisking all the time. In case, the mayonnaise forms lump at any time, break another egg into the bowl and whisk the lumped mayo into the fresh egg yolk. Keep on doing this and add all the remaining oil slowly.

Step 7

Once the mayo is made with no lumps on it, add vinegar slowly and lemon juice as per your taste. You may add more lemon juice, if you prefer lemony mayo. Finally season the mayonnaise with salt and pepper and then add the chopped herbs. Mix it all and place aside or chill till your salmon is all cooked.

Step 8

Take a bowl and add cucumber, some portion of dill and the remaining fennel. In the meantime, the salmon is resting, cut its foil open shift its content to a platter. If you like then you may try the same with only a few pieces of salmon while keeping the rest into the foul only. Serve the salmon with the dill and garnish all with cheeks of lemon. Do place your prepared mayo and cucumber salad aside.

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