Recipe For The 3 Fruity Doughnut Sliders At Home

Doughnuts are loved by everyone and it is easy to cook,  here we are cooking the doughnuts of 3 different fillings. We make the delicious doughnuts with the flour, butter and sugar, then we make the ricotta, pear, apple and plum filling for this, then cut the doughnuts and add the filling to it.

Here Is List Of The Ingredients That Is Required For This Delicious Dish And The Step By Step Process For This Is Also Listed Below:


Preparation Time- 10 Minutes
Cooking Time- 30 Minutes
Serves- 3


Flour- 500 gm
Yeast- 7 gm
Caster sugar- 250 gm
Salt- 1 teaspoon
Whole milk- 250 ml
Butter melted- 50 gm
Egg- 1
Oil- 1.5 litre
Ricotta cheese- 400 gm
Honey- 2 tablespoon
Apples- 2
Cinnamon- 1/2 teaspoon
Pear- 2
Plum- 2

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First we take glass, add the milk in it, now add little bit of the sugar in it, now add the yeast in it, now mix it well and leave it for the sometime, as the bubble come out, add this to the jar, now add the all purpose flour in it, now add the sugar, melted butter in it. Now crack eggs into it, now put this on the machine and ON is at medium dough to make the elastic dough.

Step 2

Now take it out and give some punches to it, now place this in the bowl, cover it with the clean film and keep it inside the refrigerator for at least the 1 hour. Now take it out and take it out from the bowl.

Step 3

Now if it is elastic then add little bit of the flour to it, now take the small ball of 50 gm each. Now make the ball of the circular disk and place it on the board with plenty of the flour on it, now cover it with the wet muslin cloth for sometime.

Step 4

Now we make the 3 different types of the filling for the doughnuts. First we make the Ricotta filling and for this we take the ricotta cheese in the bowl and we add the honey in this and mix it well.

Step 5

Second is the Apple filling and for this we take the apple peel it and cut it into the dices, now take the fry pan add the butter in it, now add the apple in it, with the caster sugar and the pinch of the cinnamon to it, now put this on the medium flame and boil it, now as the apple it spongy then take it out and cool it.

Step 6

Now to make the plum filling take the plum cut it into the pieces, now add the grated ginger paste, vanilla extract and the caster sugar to it, now put this in the low heat and boil the mixture and make the spongy consistency. Now do the same process with the pears also and make the pear filling also

Step 7

Now take the small ball and then we add this in the fry pan in the oil at the 155 degree celcius for at least the 2-3 minutes, now roll it to the tissue paper and soak the oil in it, do this process for all of the 9 balls. Now dust it with caster sugar.

Step 8

Now cut it into the slices and make the layer of the ricotta cheese on it, now in the 3 balls add the pears filling, then another 3 balls add the plum filling and the remaining 3 balls add the apple filling on it, now cover it. The delicious doughnuts ready to eat.

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