Recipe For The Chocolate Eclairs Pastry

When you get the burst of chocolate while eating the pastry then it is so delicious. Just make the chocolate eclairs and then you will have the feel of burst inside your mouth. This recipe has some unique recipe but here is the step by step process for this mouth watering chocolate eclairs recipe.

Recipe For The Chocolate Eclairs Pastry

Preparation Time- 15 Minutes
Cooking Time- 25 Minutes
Serves- 4


Butter- 100 gm
Plain Flour- 100 gm
Eggs- 10
Caster sugar- 125 gm
Vanilla extract- 1 tablespoon
Salt- 1 teaspoon
Dark chocolate- 125 gm
Corn flour- 125 gm
Milk- 250 ml
Ginger- 1/2 inch grated

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

Start off with our choax pastry and for this you need to have a bowl and then add the water into it, now add the butter and then put it on the low flame so that the butter will get melt make sure first the butter will be melt and then the water should be boiled.

Step 2

Now in the bowl boil the milk and then take the ginger and then peel it off and then grated it about 1/2 inch and then place this in the boil milk. Now take the 7 eggs and then you need to separate the egg yolk and the egg white into the bowl. Now whisk the egg yolk and then add the caster sugar into it and to make the thick paste add the corn flour and the plain flour, now add the little bit of the vanilla extract into it. Whisk  is slowly so that there will not be any lumps into it.

Step 3

Now in the butter water mixture add the plain flour into it and then whisk it so that there will be the lumpy dough. Now add the 4 eggs into it and then again mix it completely. Now as the smell of the ginger is coming out from the milk then infuse the egg mixture into and then again boil it so that it will be thick like the custard and then take it out and put it inside the refrigerator to cool.

Step 4

Now in the piping bag add the lumpy mixture and then cut it from the bottom and then take the baking tray and then press the bag and then make the thick line of about 5 inch. You can make as long as you want and the thickness is about the 1 inch, make as many as you can, now place this inside the oven at 200 degree Celsius for at least 15 minutes. Now take out the pastry and then cut it out from the middle and do this for all.

Step 5

Now take out the mixture from the refrigerator and then put this mixture in the piping bag and then fill it with the mixture, now fill the cut portion of the pastry from the piping bag and then do this for the all the pastries.

Step 6

Now take the bowl and then add the pieces of the dark chocolate into it, now add little amount of water into and then place it in the micro wave for 50 seconds. Now take it out and then from the spoon mix it well so that there will be an unique paste of the chocolate and take it out in the rectangular pan. Now take the pastry and then dip it inside the chocolate mixture and then do this for all and then you need to place this inside the refrigerator so that the chocolate become cool.

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