Recipe For The Christmas Chocolate Pudding With The Glass Cookies At Home

Christmas is celebrated all around the world with full of joy and the Christmas dinner is so delicious, there are many dishes in the dinner and your there is no space in your dinner table, there are so many dishes of the meat and sweets. Chocolate pudding with the glass cookies is the best sweet dish for this occasion.

Here Is The Step By Step Process For This

Chocolate Pudding

Preparation time- 20 minutes

Cooking time- 40 minutes

Serves- 2


Double tone milk- 500 ml
Egg yoke- 4
Caster sugar- 5 tablespoon
Cinnamon- 1 teaspoon
Oranges- grated
Fruit bread- 200 gm
Butter- 100 gm
Chocolate chips- white and black 50 gm
Nuts- 50 gm
Flour- 200 gm
Ground ginger- 1 teaspoon
Poppy seeds- 1 tablespoon
Vinegar sugar- 4 tablespoon
Candies boiled- 6-10
Design cutter- circle, star, pentagon

Steps Of Preparation

Step 1

First you have to make the custard for the cake and for the pudding cake and for this you have to take the double tome milk and add 4 egg yoke into it, now add the sweetness into it add 5 tablespoon of caster sugar into it, now to give the flavor add the cinnamon into it. Now add some grated oranges. Now put it on the medium heat so that the mixture will be boiling and make sure that you are stirring it regularly, so that it will not burn at the bottom, when the mixture is thick and the consistency is good then you should remove it from the flame and then allow it to cool.

Step 2

Now  take the serving bowl and then add the fruit bread into it and then add the fresh chopped cherries and then add the some amount of the melted butter into it, now add the chocolate chips of the white and the black and then add some of the nuts into it, now when your custard is cool and thick then pour it on the bread and then mix it well with others, now place it inside the oven and then bake it for the 10 minutes.

Step 3

Now its time to make the glass cookies for this in a jar take the flour and then add the butter into it, now mix it in the mixture, when the mixture is ready then add the grated oranges and then add the ground ginger and then add the poppy seeds, vinegar sugar and 2 table spoon of the milk into it, now again mix it and then remove it in another bowl and make a soft dough. Now place it inside the refrigerator for the 15-20 minutes so that the flavors will be mixed.

Step 4

Now take out the dough and then place it on the board which is dusted with the flour, now roll the dough and then take the shape of the circle, pentagon and star. Now cut the shape from the dough, now cut it in the middle in the circle and place the chopped boiled candies inside the circle, now you have the cookies of 3 different shapes.

Step 5

Now make a cut and the place it inside the oven at the 180 degree Celsius for only 10 minutes. Now take out the cookies and then take the cream cone and make the designs at the corners of the cookies and the candies will be melted at the center. Your glass cookies is ready for the Christmas eve.

Step 6

Now take the pudding in one side of the plate and the glass cookies at the another side and garnish it with the ribbon, place it at the center of the dinner table at Christmas.

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