Recipe For The Delicious And Healthy Vegetarian Sushi

Japanese is well-known for its food items that are light is color and also not so spicy. For this reason you may find people who are not much in love with its recipes. However, no one can deny the wholesomeness of its food which is also responsible for the increased life expectancy of Japanese people in the past 1 century. Today, I am going to share the recipe of the famous Japanese food that you might have heard of i.e. Japanese sushi. Although Sushi comes in two varieties i.e. vegetarian and non-vegetarian but today, in this article you will learn the recipe of vegetarian sushi.

Here Are The Recipe For The Delicious And Healthy Japanese Vegetarian Sushi

Vegetarian Sushi

Preparation Time – 20 minutes
Cooking Time – 25 Minutes
Serving – 4 rolls


1/3 cup of seasoned rice vinegar
2 teaspoon of sugar
1 teaspoon of salt
1 ½ cup of sushi rice (Japanese short grained)
1 ½ cup of water
4 sheets of nori

For Sushi Filling

½ cucumber cut thinly into the shape of matchsticks
1 carrot again cut into matchstick
Sesame seeds
Bell pepper
4 scallions shaved and cut into matchsticks
6 red radish, peeled and cut into matchstick
Soy sauce
½ firm avocado, peeled and sliced thinly

Direction To Prepare:

Step 1

Mix vinegar, sugar and salt in a vessel.

Step 2

Rinse the rice and drain. In a medium saucepan, add rice and water. Cover it tightly and bring it to boil on full heat. Shortly afterwards, reduce the heat to low and simmer with the lid still closed tightly. You may cook for the 15 minutes until all the water is absorbed by the rice. Once it is cooked properly, keep aside for the next 10 minutes.

Step 3

In this step, you have to fluff the rice carefully making sure that you don’t mash everything. After fluffing, transfer the cooked rice to a larger vessel or a bowl. now, add the vinegar mixture (prepared in the first step) and toss with the rice with a wooden spoon.

Step 4

Take a parchment paper lined baking sheet and spread the above-prepared on the paper. Fan the rice so that it does not sticks to the paper and is spread properly. Once cold, cover the rice with a damp towel.

Step 5

In a bowl, sprinkle lemon juice and add sliced avocado.

Step 6

In a clean place, place the sushi or the bamboo mats. Place the nori or the seaweed sheet on the mat with its shining side facing outward. Sprinkle some sesame seeds. With moisten finger, transfer ¼ of the rice on the nori. Make sure that you don’t spread it everywhere. Simply leave about 1 ½ inches from its edges evenly throughout.

Step 7

Now place cucumber, bell paper, radish, avocado slices, and scallion in a line on the rice.

Step 8

This step is very important as it gives shape to your sushi and makes it worth eating. Starting with the near edge of the mat, roll up the nori, rice and the filling tightly into the form of a cylinder. Once, you have rolled the sushi into the form of a thick cylinder, wrap it in the mat and gently press to form it tight. Repeat with the remaining rice and filling. In case, the rolls seem long, you may cut them 3-4 inches long.

Step 9

Keep the rolls in a plate and enjoy with soy sauce.

There are people, who like to make the filling with boiled vegetables while some like to fill them raw. You can try both and tell which one do you prefer.



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