Recipe For The Delicious Banana Foster

Banana foster is a dish of the Robert Foster in the famous restaurant of the New Orleans. From there it has been famous to through out the world and now it is high in demand in the world. The taste of the banana with the liquor and ice cream is so good. This is normally we get in the big and the famous restaurant and now we can also prepare this dish in our kitchen. Here are the simple ways by which you can cook it:

Banana Foster

Preparation Time- 2 minutes

Cooking Time- 15 minutes

Serves – 2


Butter- 1 tablespoon
Brown sugar- 2 tablespoon
Banana- 2
Banana liquor- 50 ml
White Rum- 50 ml
Cinnamon- 50 gm
Vanilla Ice Cream- 2 scoop

Methods of Preparation:

Step 1

Take the bananas and peel it off. Now cut the banana at the centre and again cut into pieces horizontally with the long shape.

Step 2

Now take a fry pan and add the 1 table spoon of the butter to it, melt the butter to the low flame and add the brown sugar it. Now stir it firmly so that the lumps of the brown sugar will not be there.

Step 3

Now when the bubbles are coming out from it then take the banana and put it on the mixture and fry it at the low flame for 30 seconds don’t cross the 30 seconds, now flip the banana to the other side and again fry it for 30 seconds.

Step 4

When you see that the banana has changed the colour to the brown then turn off the flame. Now its time to add the banana liquor to it. Extra care should be there while adding the liquor to it. Add the liquor and then add the white rum to it.

Step 5

Now turn on the flame and again cook it, while cooking turn down the pan slightly towards the flame, you will see the flame on the pan when you see the sprinkling is coming out from the flame then throw the cinnamon to it. Now when the flame is out, it means that the alcohol is burnt out and it is ready to serve.

Step 6

Now take the vanilla ice cream and add the banana to the side of it and rest of the sauce to the top of it. Your banana foster is ready to eat.

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