Recipe For The Delicious Braised Brisket At Home

Delicious Braised Brisket

This is the perfect dish for the main course, in this we infuse the flavors of the vegetables and beef brisket. We take the beef brisket, rub the English mustard, paprika, salt and pepper, then we fry it. We cook the carrots, celery, onions, garlic slightly in the same pan, then we boil the tomatoes make the paste of it and fry it in the chopped garlic and chili, then we bake all the things altogether, we take the slices of the brisket and served it with the sauce.

The List Of The Complete Ingredients Are Listed Below Along With The Step By Step Complete Guide To This Recipe:

Preparation Time- 20 Minutes
Cooking Time- 90 Minutes
Serves- 4


Beef brisket- 1
Onions- 2
Green chili- 1 teaspoon
Garlic- 2 cloves
Celery- 2 stalks
Carrots- 2
Rosemary- 2 sprigs
English mustard- 2 tablespoon
Thyme- 3 sprigs
Fish sauce- 1 teaspoon
Worcestershire sauce- 1 tablespoon
Smoked paprika- 1 teaspoon
Tomatoes- 6
Olive oil- 1 glug
Salt- as per taste
Beef stock- 500 ml
Pepper- 1 teaspoon
Red wine- 1 glass

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First take the pan, add the brisket to it, now season it with the salt and pepper, now take the English mustard paste and the smoked paprika and rub it on the brisket very gently all over the meat.

Step 2

Now take the pan, put it on the low heat, as the pan is hot, add the olive oil to it, now add the meat, fry it to both the sides till it gets dark brown from the both the sides, now take it out and place this to another plate.

Step 3

Now take the celery, chopped it into 1 inch long pieces, now cut the onions into quarter, take out the flakes of it, cut the carrot into thin slices, now take the same pan, add the olive oil to it, put it on the medium heat, as the pan is hot add the vegetables to it, now add the red wine to it, cook it for about 5 minutes.

Step 4

Take the tomatoes, put it into bowl, add the water to it, now pot it on the low heat, add the salt and pepper to it, now take it out and peel it nicely, now place this inside the jar and blend the whole tomatoes, nicely.

Step 5

Now take the pan, add the oil to it, put it on the low heat, add the finely chopped garlic to it, now fry it till it get slightly brown, add the chopped green chili to it, now add the tomato paste to it, now give it a nice stir and cook it for about the 15 minutes.

Step 6

Now take the baking tray, add the vegetables to it first, then place the beef brisket on the top of it, now add the beef stock to it, add the tomato paste to it, now add the worcestershire sauce to it, add the sprigs of the thyme to it, now take the aluminium foil and place this on the top of it and tight it firmly.

Step 7

Now place this baking tray inside the oven at 180 degree Celsius for about the 75 minutes, now take it cook it down slightly, take out the brisket from it, now cut the briskets into slices, take the serving plate and place the slices on it, now pour the sauce on it, garnish it with the mint leaves and served it with the red wine. The dish is ready to eat.

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