Recipe For The Delicious Braised Mackerel With Radish At Home

This is dish of the fish lovers and in this dish we take the mackerel and then we cut into the pieces and then we make the delicious sauce with the spices and the soy sauce and then we add this with the mackerel and then we cook it. Then serve it.

Here Is The List Of The All The Ingredients That We Need For This Recipe And The Process For This Dish.

Delicious Braised Mackerel With Radish At Home

Preparation Time- 10 minutes
Cooking Time- 20 minutes
Serves- 2


Mackerel- 750 grams
Soy sauce- 1/2 cup
Sugar- 2 teaspoon
Hot pepper flakes- 1/4 cup
Garlic- 1 cup
Ginger- 1 cup
Korean radish- 1 kilogram
Green chilli peppers- 2
Red chilli peppers- 2
Onion- 2 medium size
Green onions- 3 stalks

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

Firstly take 2 medium sized fresh mackerel around 750 grams and cut off the heads and remove the fins then clean the guts and cut it into 3 inches pieces, now rinse the fish in water properly then drain put it aside.

Step 2

Take one large sized radish around of 1 kg, peel its skin then wash it properly in cold water. Meanwhile cut the whole radish into 3 inch wide, 1 inch thick, 2 inch long pieces and put the radish in large shallow pan. Now take two medium sized onion cut it into thick slices and put it over the radish.

Step 3

Further, put all the mackerel piece over the top of radish in pan. Now lets make seasoning sauce take one cup of raw garlic and one tablespoon ginger minced and chopped it nicely, put them in bowl then add 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1/4 cup hot pepper flakes, two tablespoon sugar mix all of them nicely.

Step 4

Now pour the seasoning sauce over the mackerel in pan and add one cup of water then put the pan into medium heat and boil it for around 30 minutes. Meanwhile take 3 stalk of green onion and cut it 1 inch pieces then take 2 green chilli pepper and 2 red chilli pepper chopped it nicely.

Step 5

After 30 minutes open the lid of pan stir it then put the onions and pepper into the pan, close the lid and cook it over low heat for 40 minutes until radish and vegetable cooked completely. When radish is cooked and little translucent turn up the heat so that all the broth in bottom going to evaporate then scoop some broth and pour over the fish. Repeat this process and cook for 5 minutes more.

Step 6

Now turn of heat and transfer the delicious fish in plate and serve with rice and enjoy.

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