Recipe For The Delicious Brazilian Pork Feijoada At Home

Feijaoda is the traditional dish of the Brazil and it is so delicious. This is the big pork meat with the beans and the rice. It has the chorizo and then smoky sausage also that give the good taste with the rice. This dish is served in so many of the big hotels and it is quite expensive.

Here Is The Easiest Way To Learn This National Dish Of The Brazil:

Delicious Brazilian Pork Feijoada

Preparation Time- 20 Minutes
Cooking Time- 150 Minutes
Serves- 2


Brown rice- 200 gm
Black beans- 200 gm
Pork ribs- 800 gm
Bay leaves- 2
Chorizo- 250 gm
Smoky pork sausages- 2
Onions- 2
Garlic- 2
Ground cumin- 1 teaspoon
Parsley- 1 bunch
Oranges- 2

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

Take the black bean and then put this in the bowl and then cover it with the water and leave it for the overnight so that it will get soft. Now drain out the black water from it and then put this in the pan.

Step 2

Now add the cold water into it and then add the bay leaves into it and then add the pork ribs into it. Now leave it for an hour and after that add the pork meat into it and then again simmer it for an hour.

Step 3

Now take the onions and slice it and then take the garlic and then chopped it nicely. Take the fry pan add the vegetable oil into it and then add the chopped garlic into it and then add the onions into it. Cut the chorizo into the diamonds and then cut the smoky sausage into the pieces.

Step 4

Now take out the black beans and mesh it with the masher and then again place it in the pork pan. Now as your onions are golden brown then add the sausage into it. Now add the ground cumin into it. Now place all of this in the pork meat and then add the fresh chopped parsley.

Step 5

Now take the brown rice and boil it in the pan and when it it slightly cooked then pour this in the pork mixture. Now take the orange and peel it off and then cut it into the slices. Now in the serving bowl take the rice add the orange and then add the pork meat into it.

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