Recipe For The Delicious Cheese Fundae At Home

In the Christmas evening it time to get together with the families and the friends on the dinner table, there are so many of the veg dish. The tomatoes dipped with the melted cheese paste fundae and then eat this delicious with the bread.

Here Is The Recipe For The Cheese Fundae At Home:

Recipe For The Cheese Fundae

Preparation Time- 20 Minutes
Cooking Time- 50 Minutes
Serves- 3


Gruyere- 450 gm
Emmental- 450 gm
Flour- 400 gm
Cheese- 300 gm
Roast potatoes- 15
Boil potatoes- 15
Cheery tomatoes- 10
Carrots- 1
Sticks of celery- 4
Quails eggs- 12
Yeast- 1 packet
Rosemary- 4 leaves

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

Take the clove and then peeled it and then rub it in the inner part of the pan. Take the 500 ml of the dry white wine and then add in the pan. Now take the 450 gm of gruyere and the 450 gm of emmental now grate it.

Step 2

Now add the flour into the grated cheese this will stabilized the cheese and it will melt proper. Now add some of the cheese into the bowl slowly and whisk it and then again add the cheese and whisk it, do this till you get the fundae. Now add the lime juice and the grated nutmeg into it. Now take it from the flame and then take the cheese fundae into the bowl.

Step 3

Now we have the roast potatoes, boil potatoes, cheery tomatoes, carrots, sticks of celery. Now take the quails eggs and then put it in the boiling water for about 1 minutes and then keep them in the running water for 1 minutes. Now when it is cool then peel it off, now cut it into the two equal pieces. Now you use these as part of the cheese fundae. Just take the fork and then insert it in whatever you like and then dip it in the cheese sauce.

Step 4

Cheese fundae is useless without the bread. To make the soft and the delicious bread in the mixture you just need the flour, and in the glass add the Luke warm water and then add the 1 packet of the yeast and to activate the yeast add the sugar into it and then stir it, when there are bubbles in the glass then you yeast is ready. Now add this to the mixture, add the extra sugar for the sweetness and then add the pinch of salt and then add the olive oil into it. Now On your mixture at the medium speed and when the dough is ready then Off your mixture and take out the dough into the board.

Step 5

Now sprinkle the flour on the dough and then leave this in the bowl so that the dough will be rise. Now take the red onions and cut them into the slices. Now put them into the pan and then add the pinch of the salt and the black pepper powder. Now add the butter and 1 tablespoon of the sugar, now put this at the medium flame, this will be the mixture of the caramelized onions let it cool and then add this mixture in the bread with the chopped rosemary leaves.

Step 6

Now place this dough on the board and give the shape of the bread and then make a leaf pattern from a knife. Now add the olive oil and the pinch of salt over it. Now place it in the oven for the 25 minutes. Take it out then enjoy the cheese fundae with the delicious soft bread.

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