Recipe For The Delicious Chicken Kiev

Crispy chicken is highly in demand and when it has the butter taste inside then it is mouth watering, normally butter do not stick to the chicken but the chicken kiev has the buttery taste with the garlic. It is known as the best evening snack.

Here Is The Process By Which You Can Prepare It At Your Home Kitchen

Chicken Kiev

Preparation time- 20 minutes
Cooking time- 30 minutes
Serves- 2


Chicken breasts- 4
Garlic- 10 clove
Olive oil- 200 ml
Bread- 4
Egg- 3
Red paprika-  1 teaspoon
Orange zest- 1 tablespoon
Butter- 300 gm
Parsley- 5-6 leaves

Step 1

Take a fry pan and then the cloves of the garlic around 10 and now add handsome amount of the olive oil into it and then preheat your oven at the 140 degree Celsius and kept it for 15-20 minutes, so that the garlic will become soft and squeeze.

Step 2

Now to make the chicken crispy you need to have the bread and make sure that bread is slightly hard and the make it into pieces and then put this in the grinder and then grind it, now take out it and then filter it so that the proper crispiness should be there. Now add the orange zest into it with 1 teaspoon of the red paprika.

Step 3

Now in another bowl take the flour and then in another bowl take out the 3 eggs and then whisk it. Now take the butter into the grinder and then squeeze out the garlic and then add it also in the grinder add the fresh parsley into it and then grind it, now remove it only on the polythene and then wrap it and put it inside the refrigerator.

Step 4

Now take out the chicken breast and then cut it from the top and then from the fingers make a hole or a cavity inside the chicken breast. Now take out your butter garlic sauce and then cut it into the slices and then insert it inside the cavity, the more the butter the delicious the taste, now do not over fill it because it will expand in cooking.

Step 5

Now take the chicken and the roll it in the flour and the dip it in the egg mixture and then to the mixture of the bread, now at the hole in the chicken add extra egg so that it will be sealed by the egg, now apply the chicken and then again to the bread, you will get the nice brown colour on the chicken. Now do this process for the all the other chicken breast.

Step 6

Now put your fry pan at the low heat and then add the same olive oil into it to get the garlic taste in the chicken, now when the oil is hot enough place the chicken breast into it. Now as the colour is changing to the brown, change the side of the chicken and then again fry it at the low heat, now when all the chicken is fried then take it out in another plate and put it inside the oven of 180 degree Celsius for at least the 15 minutes so that the butter is melted and you will get all the taste of it.

Step 7

After 15 minutes take it out and then cut it into the slices and serve it in a plate, now add remaining butter on it like the sauce. Garnish it with the cherry tomatoes and the green chilli.

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