Recipe For The Delicious Chicken Teriyaki At Home

Here is the delicious chicken legs which is marinate with the olive oil and then pepper with the dust of the breadcrumbs. Then the teriyaki sauce with full of spice. We have the mushroom rice with it. This is the Japanese dish and it is famous and served in all over the expensive restaurants. This is the best recipe for the snacks or any party.

Here Is The Process For This Delicious Recipe:

Delicious Chicken Teriyaki

Preparation Time- 20 Minutes
Cooking Time- 30 Minutes
Serves- 3


Chicken legs- 5
Sake- 200 ml
Ginger and garlic- 1 tablespoon grated
Flour- 1 handful
Egg- 2 beaten
Breadcrumbs- 1 bowl
Veg oil- 1 pan
Pineapple juice- 1 bowl
Soy sauce- 6 tablespoon
Rice wine vinegar- 2 tablespoon
Honey- 3 tablespoon
Mushrooms- 100 gm
Rice- 200 gm
Mirin- 1 tablespoon

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First we need to marinate the chicken and for this we need to take the bowl and then add the sake into it and then remove the skin of the chicken and then place this in the bowl and then add the grated ginger into it and then mix all the things together well so that all the spice will be there on the chicken and then place this inside the refrigerator for some hours or for a night.

Step 2

Now take the bowl and then crack the 2 eggs into it and then beat it proper and take the bowl and then add the flour and then in the separate bowl take the breadcrumbs into it by grinding the 2 slices of the bread and first take the butter and then brush it on the chicken and then place it on the flour and then dip it in the beaten eggs and then glued it with the breadcrumbs.

Step 3

Now place all of this in the tray and then place the pan filled with the vegetable oil and make it boil and then place all these chicken into the pan then deep fry it so that there will be the golden brown colour. Now take this out and then place this in the baking tray and then cook it for 10 minutes.

Step 4

Now to make the teriyaki we need to have the pineapple juice and then add the 6 tablespoon of the rice wine vinegar into it and then add the 3 tablespoon of the soya sauce, honey and the 2 cloves of the garlic into it. Now put all of these on the medium flame and then stir it regularly so that the the volume of the mixture is reduce to half and the consistency should be thick enough.

Step 5

Now take the mushrooms and then cut it into the small pieces and then grate the ginger and the garlic and then place this on the hot pan and then fry the mushroom little bit and as the mushrooms are getting soften add the ginger and then garlic into it and fry it for some seconds and then add the rice into it and then add the water into it and then cook the rice. Cook it for 10 minutes and then add the rice wine vinegar and the mirin into it.

Step 6

Now as the rice is sticky enough then remove it on the bowl and then sprinkle the green onions on it and then add the butter knob on it. Now Take out the chicken and then place it on the tray and then pour the sauce on it and the enjoy this delicious dish.

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