Recipe For The Delicious Chocolate Sinckers At Home

Normally you get the dishes of the chocolates in the confectionery or in the pastry shop but if you get all of these in your home then it might be the best thing. The snickers will remove your hunger easily and if it is of the chocolate then it might be the best thing.

Here Is The List Of The Ingredients And The Process Of Cooking It At Home:

Chocolate Sinckers

Preparation Time- 15 Minutes
Cooking Time- 15 Minutes
Serves- 4


Caster sugar- 400 gm
Liquid glucose- 150 ml
Honey – 150 ml
Eggs- 2
Nuts- 200 gm
Chocolate- 400 gm
Salt- 1 teaspoon

Method Of Preparation:

Step 1

First you need to make the nougat and for this you need to have the bowl and then add the caster sugar and the liquid glucose into it. Now heat it up to the 135 degree Celsius and keep on squirrelling so that it will not stick at the bottom. At the syrup reaches the 135 then add the honey into it and then heat it up to the 145 degree Celsius.

Step 2

Now in the bowl take the egg white and then whisk it nicely and then add this in the 145 degree Celsius mixture, now whisk it regularly it is good to use the mixture for it. Now your syrup will be thick and sticky. Take it out in the baking tray.

Step 3

Now take the roasted nuts and then add some of the caramel into it and then mix all of them. Now you need to make the two layers of this on the nougat. Now place this inside the refrigerator to cool down.

Step 4

Now take it out when it is cooled and set. Now take it out in the grease paper and then cut this into the slices and then again place it inside the refrigerator. Now take the milk chocolates into the bowl and then melt it with the help of the  microwave.

Step 5

Now take out the snickers from the refrigerator and then place the melted chocolate on it, cover it from the sides and put it inside the refrigerator to set and then take it out and change the side and then do this process again. Your chocolate snickers is ready.

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