Recipe For The Delicious Churros With Chocolate Sauce

This is easy to cook snacks, it has the salty and the sweet flavor. In this we make the churros with the flour, then we give them the star shape and deep fry it. We make the delicious chocolate sauce of the coffee and the cream. Then we add plenty of the sugar in the churros and make it sweet. It is served with the chocolate sauce on it.

The Ingredients Are Listed Below Along With The Complete Guide To This Recipe


Preparation Time- 10 minutes
Cooking Time- 15 minutes
Serves- 3


Self raising flour- 25 gm
Plain flour- 125 gm
Salt- 1 pinch
Olive oil- 2 tablespoon
Dark chocolate- 200 gm
Caster sugar- 100 gm
Cream- 50 ml
Coffee- 1 teaspoon

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First we take the self raising flour and plain flour and this into the bowl, now mix it well, now add 2 tablespoon of the olive oil in it, mix it well, add the boiling water in it slowly and make the thick and the sticky paste of it.

Step 2

Now take the piping bag, cut it from the bottom, now place the star nozzle in it, now add the flour mixture in it, now press it hard so that there will not be any bubble in it. Now take the frier, add the oil in it, now set the temperature at 160 degree Celsius.

Step 3

Now as the temperature reaches, take the piping bag and squeeze it so that there will be star shape mixture come out, now cut it and dip it into the oil, you can make the length as per your choice. Now shake it so that it will not get stick to each other, now wait for 5 minutes so that all of them will be cooked.

Step 4

Now take the microwave safe bowl, add the dark chocolate in it, add the caster sugar in it, add the cream in it and 1 teaspoon of the coffee in it. Now this will go in the microwave for about the 1 minute so that it will be cooked, now mix it to make the smooth paste of it.

Step 5

As the churros has golden brown color take it out and dust it with the caster sugar on it, now pour the chocolate paste on it. The delicious dish is ready to serve.

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