Recipe For The Delicious Eggplant Parmesan At Home

This is the perfect this for the Christmas party and it is easy to cook. In this we cut the slices of the egg plant, then we add the layers of the seasoned flour and the beaten egg, then we fry the eggplant in the garlic infused oil, we also fry the onions, add the Italian sausage and ground meat, we add the fresh tomato puree in it and cook it, we make the layers of the sausages, eggplants and cheese in the baking tray and bake the whole things and served it.

The List Of The Complete Ingredients Along With The Step By Step Complete Guide Is Listed Below:

Delicious Eggplant Parmesan

Preparation Time- 15 Minutes
Cooking Time- 5 Hours
Serves- 4


Eggplant- 400 gm
Eggs- 5
All purpose flour- 300 gm
Cooking oil- 200 ml
Parmiggiano Reggiano- 50 gm
Onion- 1
Olive oil- 3 tablespoon
Beef sirloin- 500 gm
Italian Sausage- 500 gm
Dry red wine- 40 gm
Tomato- 5
Basil leaves- 10
Salt- as per taste
Pepper- 1 teaspoon

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First you need to take the eggplant, make sure it smells fresh and there will be any dent on it, now cut the top and the bottom of it, to stabilized it, give a cut mark to the bottom of it, now cut the slices of it from side ways, make sure the thickness of the egg plants should be equal.

Step 2

Make holes in it with the folks, season it with the salt and pepper, now take the bowl place a sieve on it, add all the eggplants to it, sprinkle little bit of the water to it, add some weight to it, leave it for sometime, all the bitterness will be removed in 1 hours, now take it out and clean it proper in the running water, so that saltiness will be removed from it.

Step 3

Now crack 5 eggs in the bowl, season it with the salt and pepper, now whisk it nicely, take out the all purpose flour to the big plate, season it with salt, pepper and little bit of the cinnamon, mix all the things well.

Step 4

Take the pan, fill it with the cooking oil, put it on the medium heat, add the garlic cloves in it, now fry the cloves so that the color of the cloves will be dark brown, take it out from the pan, now take the egg plant, coat it with the flour and then place it to the plate, now one by one dip it in the egg mixture and fry it in the garlic infused cooking oil, take it out the kitchen tissue paper and soak the oil from it.

Step 5

Now you need to take the deep bowl, put it on the low heat, add the olive oil to it, chopped the onions and add this to the bowl, leave it for 1 minutes, so that the onions will get translucent, add the Italian sausage and ground beef in it, break up the meat in the bowl and mix it with the onions.

Step 6

Now take the blender jar, add the chopped tomatoes in it, add the garlic cloves in it, season it with the salt and pepper, add little bit of the water in it, now get the smooth paste of it, pass it with the sieve and throw the pulp of it.

Step 7

As the color of the sausage is dark brown, add the red wine in it, now add the tomato puree in it, add water in it, add chopped basil leaves in it, cover the lid and leave the mixture for about the 4 hours, so that we will get a thick consistency.

Step 8

Now take the baking tray, add the sausage to it, now spread it to the edges of the tray, place the eggplants on it, now again add the sausage to it, spread it again, take little bit of the mozzarella cheese, cut the piece of it and then add this on the top of the eggplant, take the fresh parmiggiano reggiano and grate it on the top of it, now again place the eggplant on it, again add the pieces of the mozzarella cheese and grated parmiggiano reggiano on it, now repeat the process till the all the things will finished, now last layer should be of the parmiggiano reggiano.

Step 9

Preheat the oven at 180 degree Celsius, place this inside the oven for about the 15 minutes, so that the cheese will be melt and the flavor will be infused in it, now take it out, cut the slices on it and served it to the serving plate, place 1 mint leave on it to garnish. The dish is ready to eat.

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