Recipe For The Delicious El Pollo Loco At Home

This is the delicious dish of the chicken. The chicken is marinated with so many of the sauces and the spices and then this chicken is grilled nicely. Now we toasted the pea nuts and then we roast the pastry. Now this dish is ready to served.

Here Is The List Of The Complete Ingredients And The Step By Step Guide To This Delicious Recipe.

Delicious El Pollo Loco At Home

Preparation Time- 15 minutes
Cooking Time- 30 minutes
Serves- 2


Vinegar- 2 tablespoon

Minced garlic- 1 teaspoon
Salt- 2 teaspoon
Oregano- 1 teaspoon
Cardamom powder- 1 teaspoon
Black pepper- 1 teaspoon
Chilli sauce- 1 tablespoon
Pineapple juice- 12 oz
Lime juice- 1/4 cup
Cooking oil- 2 tablespoon
Yellow food colouring- 16 drops
Peanuts- 80 gm
Pastry – 2

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First take the deep bowl, add 2 tablespoon of the vinegar, 1 teaspoon of the minced garlic, 2 teaspoon of the salt, 2 teaspoon of the oregano, 1 teaspoon of the cardamom powder, 1 teaspoon of the black pepper, 1 tablespoon of chilli sauce. 12 oz of the pineapple juice. 1/ 4 cup of the lime juice, 2 tablespoon of the cooking oil, 16 drops of yellow food colouring, now stir all the ingredients nicely.

Step 2

Now take the whole chicken, take the hard scissor, cut the ribs and take out the ribs. Now make a cut in the lower part of the chicken and take out the tail bone of the chicken. Now cut the whole chicken into 2 equal parts.

Step 3

Now we mix the chicken to the bowl and leave it for the 6 hours at least. Now take the grill pan and make it hot, now place the chicken pieces on it, grill it nicely, now cover the lid for sometime and then remove the lid and cook the other side of the chicken.

Step 4

Now take the pan, add some of the cooking oil into, put this on the low flame, now add the peanuts, toss it nicely and roast the whole nuts. Take them out and put them on the serving plate.

Step 5

Now take the pastry unroll it, now add some of the cooking oil on it, now place this on the hot pan and cook it on both the sides as the colour is slightly changed then add this to the serving plate.

Step 6

Now take out the chicken and place this also in the same serving plate the Ell Pollo Loco is ready to eat.

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