Recipe For The Delicious Fool’s Gold Loaf At Home

This is the best dessert and it is easy to cook. In this we have the so many of the layers of of the bread loaf with different tastes. In this we take the bread loaf make the cavity, we make the layers, then we add the jam and the peanut butter to it, then we add the crushed crispy bacon on it, then this will be go in the refrigerator. Then is served.

Here Is The List Of All The Ingredients That We Need And The Step By Step Complete Guide To This Recipe


 Gold Loaf

Preparation Time- 10 minutes
Cooking Time- 15 minutes


White loaf bread- 1
Peanut butter- 2 tablespoon
Jam- 2 tablespoon
Bacon- 4
Pepper- 1 teaspoon

Methods Of Preparation:

Step 1

First we take the baking tray, now we add little bit of the oil to it, now take the bacon, season it with the pepper, add oil at the top of it. Now take the preheated oven at the 180 degree celcius and put this in the oven for at least the 10 minutes, so that it will be crispy.

Step 2

Now take the big rectangular loaf, now cut the top portion of it, now make the big cavity from it. Now take the cut part and make the slices of it, now cut the hard edges of it, now take the bottle and roll out the bread, so that it will be thin.

Step 3

Now apply the peanut butter on the two slices and the strawberry jam to the other two slices, now make sure that it will be thick enough. Now take out the bacon, cool it and make the crunch of it, now sprinkle it on the slices of the jam and butter.

Step 4

Now carefully insert all these slices, one by one in the cavity of the loaf. Now at the top cover it with the peanut butter, now cover the cavity with the bread, wrap it with the clean film, and this will go in the refrigerator, the heavy weight on the top for a day.

Step 5

Now take it out and remove the film, cut it from the middle and make thick slices. The delicious fool’s gold leaf is ready to eat.

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